GW SON Top-Ranked

GW SON continues to be ranked among the top 50 schools of nursing. GW is in the top 13% of ranked graduate nursing schools. 

US News & World Report also ranks our online MSN #26 out of more than 144 programs nationwide.

In a first-ever ranking of Doctor of Nursing Practice programs, we are no. 30, placing us in the top 20% of ranked programs. These top rankings reflects the quality of our student engagement, faculty credentials and training, student services and technology, peer recognitions, and admissions selectivity.

Academic Information

The depth and breadth of academic opportunities at the GW School of Nursing reflect the changing nature of the field and the increasing diversity of its student body. Comprised of Master’s of Science in Nursing programs, the second degree Bachelor’s in Nursing (B.S.N.), the Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.), and multiple post-Master's certificates, the School offers opportunities for nurses in all stages of their careers, and in all corners of the world.

The curricula stress the integration of research and nursing practice with a marked emphasis on solving real-world problems that promote strong leadership skills in SON graduates. Each course, taught by experienced and dedicated faculty, is carefully designed to equip students with a skill set critical in the nursing profession.  While some classroom work is necessary, students are frequently taught in simulated real-life environments, where they receive hands-on training and practice.

GW believes that location should not impede access to a superior learning experience. Through its highly-developed distance-based programs, SON offers a prestigious education while maintaining the flexibility and convenience of online learning. These programs provide students from around the world with virtual access to GW’s resources and experts, and the unique opportunity to apply this knowledge directly in their current careers.