Dr. Brenda Helen Sheingold

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Assistant Professor
Foggy Bottom Campus
1919 Pennsylvania Ave.
Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20006

Dr. Sheingold is Founding Faculty for the School of Nursing, where she has served as an assistant professor since 2009. 

She was previously an Intern in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning & Evaluation (ASPE) in Washington, D.C., and Senior Quality Project Manager for the Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic Region.

Dr. Sheingold has received several Sigma Theta Tau research awards from the Phi Epsilon chapter for her work on identifying best practices in nurse-led patient centered medical homes and her work on measuring social capital in the nursing workforce. Her research has been presented at numerous national and international conferences, including the Royal College of Nursing.

She has been inducted as a Fellow and Distinguished Scholar in the National Academies of Practice.

Current Research

Dr. Brenda Helen Sheingold will be on Research Leave from the George Washington University School of Nursing from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.

2017 — Sigma Theta Tau International Research Congress, Research Presentation: “Evidence-Based Tool Dissemination to Assess Bruising as a Forensic Bio-Marker of Abuse in Nursing Homes” Dublin, Ireland, July 27-31. (Sheingold, B.H., Hirsch, B.).

2017 — International Forum for Quality & Safety in Healthcare, (IHI & BMJ) Research Presentation: "Linking Evidence, Forensic Bio-markers, and Technology to Validate a Bruising Assessment Tool." London, England, April 26-28. (Sheingold, B.H., Hirsch, B.).

2017 — National Academy of Practice Annual Conference Research Presentation: "Leveraging Interprofessional and Community Partnerships to Disseminate a Bruise Assessment Rubric (BAR Tool) in Long-term Care" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 17-18 (Sheingold, Hirsch, Firth).

2016 — Research Grant Award: Maryland State Office of Healthcare Quality, approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. "Designing an Evidence-based Tool to Assess Bruising as a Forensic Biomarker of Abuse in Long-term Care Settings". (Hirsch, B., Sheingold, B.H.).

2016 — Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, State Office of Healthcare Quality, Research Presentation: "Incorporating Forensic Biomarkers in Long Term Care Delivery: The Bruise Assessment Rubric (BAR Tool)". Catonsville, Maryland, November 15. (Hirsch, B., Sheingold, B.H.).

2016 — Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association (GAPNA). Research Presentation: “Fostering Connectional Intelligence to Design an Evidence-based Tool to Assess Bruising as a Forensic Biomarker of Abuse” Phoenix, Arizona, September 21-24. (Sheingold, B.H., Hirsch, B.).

2016 — American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) Conference. Research Presentation: “Use of Curated Conversations from an Online Oncology Support Forum to Teach Caregiver Care to Nurse Practitioner Students: A Pilot Study” San Antonio, Texas, June 21-26 (Davis, S., Sheingold, B.H.).

2016 — Children's National Hospital Grand Rounds. Children's National Hospital Research and Education Week. Presentation: “Aspire, Learn, Think, Adapt, Thrive: The Power of Inter-professional Quality and Research in Modern Healthcare” Washington, D.C. April 19. (Sheingold, B.H.).

2016 — Society for Advancement of Management Annual Meeting. Research Presentation: "Assessing Learning and Performance in Interprofessional Healthcare Teams". Arlington, Virginia. April 7. (Ekmekci O, Sheingold B, Plack M, LeLacheur S, Halvaksz J, Lewis K, Schlumpf K and Greenberg L.).

2016 — National Academies of Practice Annual Conference. Research Presentation: “Designing an Evidenced-based Tool to Assess Bruising as a Forensic Biomarker of Abuse in Long-term Care Settings.” Baltimore, Maryland. (Hirsch, B., Sheingold, B.H.).

2016 — American Association of Colleges of Nursing Master's Education Conference. Research Presentation: "An online oncology support forum for teaching caregiver care to nurse practitioner students: A pilot study". Houston, Texas. February 25-27. (Davis, S., Sheingold, B.H.). 


George Mason University, PhD in Public Policy/Nursing

Johns Hopkins University, MBA

Johns Hopkins University, Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Change

George Mason University, BSN


Peer Reviewed Journals

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*Note: Recognized Resource Tool - United States National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education Resource Center (2016)

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Peer Reviewed Published Abstracts 

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Book Chapters

Sheingold, B.H. & Hahn, J.A. (2015). Chapter 10: Innovation for the Delivery System of the Future: Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organizations. In Nickitas, D., Middaugh, D., & Aries, N. (Eds.). Policy and Politics: For Nurses and Other Health Professionals. 2nd edition. Sudbury: MA: Jones and Barlett.

Hahn, J.A. & Sheingold, B.H. (2015). Chapter 14: Private Health Insurance Market. In Nickitas, D., Middaugh, D., & Aries, N. (Eds.). Policy and Politics: For Nurses and Other Health Professionals. 2nd edition. Sudbury: MA: Jones and Barltett.


Fellow, Distinguished Scholar — National Academies of Practice

Member — Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, Member

Member — Society for Advancement for Management, Inc.

Invited Delegate (five consecutive years) — Transatlantic Expert’s Forum on Health Policy in Berlin. Funded by the German Federal Recovery Program, Bundersrepublik, Deutschland.

Bender Award for Teaching Excellence Nominee — George Washington University (2014, 2015)

Secretary to the Faculty (four consecutive years) Appointment by the Dean — George Washington University School of Nursing