Cathie E. Guzzetta

Cathie Guzzetta
Clinical Professor, DNP Clinical Research Project Coordinator
Foggy Bottom Campus
1919 Pennsylvania Ave.
Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20006
[email protected]

Dr. Cathie E. Guzzetta is a Clinical Professor and DNP Clinical Research Project Coordinator at the George Washington University School of Nursing. Over the past 20 years, she has served as a hospital-based nursing research mentor for clinical nurses in various adult and pediatric medical centers. In this role, she has guided nurses in developing, conducting and disseminating the findings of their clinical nursing research studies.

She is best known for her work in cardiovascular, critical care and holistic nursing. She has served as Editor-in-Chief of Capsules & Comments in Critical Care Nursing and Co-Editor of the Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. She has written multiple articles and authored or co-authored 24 award-winning books including the Emergency Nurses Association’s guidelines for family presence during CPR, “Presenting the Option for Family Presence”.

As a nursing research consultant, Dr. Guzzetta has mentored studies on family presence during cardiopulmonary resuscitation since 1994. Her published findings from these studies have won several awards, including the EdgeRunner Award from the American Academy of Nursing and Sigma Theta Tau International's Nursing Research Dissemination Award. Her findings have also been featured on Good Morning America, NBC Dateline, CNN, Peter Jennings ABC World News Tonight and in Time Magazine, Newsweek, U.S. World and News Report, The Washington Post, USA Today, Chicago Sun Times and The New York Times. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and the co-founder and former co-chair of the Washington Regional Nursing Research Consortium.

In 2016, she was awarded the Visionary Leadership Award: Pioneering Spirit Award for critical care, cardiovascular nursing and holistic research and publications including family presence during resuscitation by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses at the National Teaching Institute in New Orleans.

Current Research

2014 – Present — Hospital-Based Nursing Research Characteristics, Care Delivery Outcomes and Economic Impact (HNRCOE) Survey. C Pintz (PI), CE Guzzetta, P Zhou, M McLaughlin, K Spironi, L Briggs. Funded: American Nurses Foundation: Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science

2012 – Present; Manuscript development — Parental Presence during Pulse Oximetry Screening for Newborn Critical Congenital Heart Disease: Feasibility of Measuring Effects on Maternal Knowledge and Satisfaction. E Bradshaw (PI), L Wilcox, MF Reneta, A Young, J Barnes, M Kadeshe, S McDuffie, CE Guzzetta

Manuscript Development — Family Presence during Pediatric Trauma Team Activation: Measuring the Effects of a Multidisciplinary Approach to Patient-Family-Centered Care.  K O’Connell (PI), J Fritzee, CEGuzzetta, A Mecherikunnel, J Chamberlain, K Brown. Funded: Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s, Emergency Medical Services for Children Targeted Issued grant


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Distinguished Researcher Lecturer — American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, National Teaching Institute (2004)

Selected as an “EdgeRunner” (together with Angela P. Clark) — American Academy of Nursing for mentoring nurses in for cutting edge research on family presence during resuscitation (2006)

Annual Ethics Specialty Award for study entitled “Perceptions Regarding Routine Care Delivered After a Written Do Not Resuscitate Order Differ Between ICU Providers and Attending Surgeons in an Open Surgical Intensive Care Unit” (together with PI Andrea Ryan, Raymond DiPhillips, and Mihriye Mete) — 42nd Critical Care Congress, San Juan, Puerto Rico (2013)

Healthcare Clinical Solutions Award for study “Understanding Factors Associated With Monitor Alarm Generation in Critically Ill Children” (together with Linda Talley [PI] and research team), for addressing the challenge of alarm fatigue and the sentinel event resulting from it — Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Conference & Expo, Long Beach, California (2013)

Research in Nursing Award for study entitled “Perceptions Held by Surgical Intensive Care Unit Providers and Surgeons Regarding Routine Care Delivered after a Written Do Not Resuscitate Order” (together with Andrea Ryan, [PI], Raymond DiPhillips, Mihriye Mete) — Nursing Virtual Scholarly Exhibition, Sigma Theta Tau International, Phi Epsilon Chapter (2013)

Visionary Leadership Award: Pioneering Spirit Award for critical care, cardiovascular nursing, and holistic research and publications including family presence during resuscitation — American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (2016)