Mission and Goals

Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement


To advance policy and the health of the public, through education, research, media, and public forums.


to include (a) Graduate Certificate Program in Health Policy and Media Engagement for nurses and health professionals; (b) Student attainment of policy competencies in all GW Nursing programs and at all levels; and (c) enhanced policy education for all levels of nursing education, including continuing education for nurses in practice and faculty expected to teach policy and media skills and knowledge to others.

to include (a) identification of policy implications of research as a means of further advocating for and advancing policy; (b) engagement in and development of research designed to evaluate existing policy and its impact on health and health care of the public; and (c) expansion and dissemination of meaningful policy-related research  along with critical analysis of that research, to nursing  organizations, media outlets and health reporters, in ways that advance the health and health care of the public.

to include (a) preparing leaders of policy at federal state and local points of policy making or government; (b) creating and designing programs to prepare nurses for political appointments; (c) mentoring of nurses engaged on health care boards or as political appointees; (d) convening of nurse leaders and relevant stakeholder groups to determine best strategies for influencing health care delivery and reform; and (e) consulting to national organizations (nursing and otherwise) seeking to better inform their constituents regarding policy issues critical to their patient care specialty populations.

to include (a)media training and analysis; (b) participation on radio shows like HealthCetera; (c) use of Podcasts; (d) Blogs; and (e) use of print media.

to include (a) showcasing speakers on policy: (b) screenings of media; and (c) use of creative arts that express or influence policy makers and the public on health related policy issues and concerns.


The Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement gained initial charter by The George Washington University in early 2017. This designation signals the value of the Center in contributing to the university’s missions of discovery, scholarship and service. GW is home to approximately 70 research centers and institutes spanning all ten of the university’s schools and spurring innovation through cross-disciplinary collaboration.

"Including nurses' voices at all health-related policy- and decision-making tables is crucial if we're to improve the health of the nation."

Dr. Diana Mason

Senior Policy Professor
Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement