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Community Engagement is defined as collaboration between institutions of higher education and their larger communities (local, regional/state, national, global) for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.(Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching,) At GW Nursing, we take our engagement in the community to heart, and support a multitude of efforts that enrich student scholarship, research, and creative activity. Our partnerships enhance our curriculum, teaching and learning experiences and help GW Nursing prepare educated, engaged nurses who contribute to the health of the diverse communities they serve.

At GW Nursing, the Office of Clinical Practice & Community Engagement was created to serve as a central resource for community engagement partnerships and activities. Dr. Karen Drenkard is serving as inaugural associate dean for Clinical Practice and Community Engagement, and is leading the strategic efforts to improve our community involvement, both in clinical practice and volunteer opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. The Office includes the School of Nursing Centers (Center for Aging, Health and Humanities; the Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement); Global initiatives; and Community Engagement Initiatives. GW Nursing has a multitude of local, regional and international partners, including community service organizations and volunteer groups.

The GW Nursing Office of Clinical Practice & Community Engagement aspires to be the central resource for faculty, staff and community partners in providing mutually beneficial student service-learning opportunities; faculty development opportunities; and research endeavors to improve the health of communities.


Center for Aging, Health and Humanities


Incorporating the humanities with the study of aging and health offers the opportunity to gain insight into the intersection of the human experience and the rapidly changing landscape of science, technology and public policy in health care.

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Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement


We are evolving as the destination for health policy, where faculty, staff and alumni are consistently asked to participate as experts at policy issue panels, community service and special projects. We conduct sponsored health policy research and projects, publish in and serve on editorial boards for industry journals and are implementing a core health policy curriculum across the academic continuum.

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Global Initiatives


Bettering the overall well-being of our community is crucial to our values. Our faculty, staff and students regularly participate in community service projects and conduct research aimed at serving communities at home, nationwide and abroad.

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