Centers & Initiatives

The George Washington University School of Nursing is consistently ranked as one of the leading nursing schools in the nation and is emerging as a go-to resource for health policy. We go beyond traditional education with our research, policy and service initiatives to improve health care for everyone.


Aging, Health and Humanities


Incorporating the humanities with the study of aging and health offers the opportunity to gain insight into the intersection of the human experience and the rapidly changing landscape of science, technology and public policy in health care.

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Community and Global Health Initiatives


Bettering the overall well-being of our community is crucial to our values. Our faculty, staff and students regularly participate in community service projects and conduct research aimed at serving communities at home, nationwide and abroad.

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community and global health


Health Policy and Media Engagement


We are evolving as the destination for health policy, where faculty, staff and alumni are consistently asked to participate as experts at policy issue panels, community service and special projects. We conduct sponsored health policy research and projects, publish in and serve on editorial boards for industry journals and are implementing a core health policy curriculum across the academic continuum.

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Teaching Excellence


We are dedicated to creating innovative programs that prepare our students to be leaders in the nursing workforce. With a state-of-the-art clinical simulation center, online learning opportunities and the latest in nursing technology, our students are prepared for success in a rapidly changing profession.



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