COVID-19 Testing

All GW Nursing students are required to sign the GW Nursing Clinical Programs Acknowledgement of Risk and Personal Responsibilities form prior to being cleared to enter the clinical setting. Accelerated B.S.N. students are also required to have a baseline COVID-19 test prior to entering the lab and/or clinical setting and will be tested on a weekly basis thereafter. This testing will be done by George Washington University (GWU) and will be free of charge.

Procedure for Test Scheduling

Accelerated B.S.N. students are expected to undergo weekly COVID-19 testing. Failure to schedule and arrive for weekly testing will result in the loss of access to campus facilities. Failure to undergo testing as required may also result in the inability to attend clinical and/or lab. COVID-19 testing will be available on the Virginia Science and Technology Campus (VSTC) at Enterprise Hall (44983 Knoll Square, Ashburn, VA 20147) and the Foggy Bottom Campus. Students will schedule an appointment for testing using an automated scheduling platform called Point and Click. You will receive an email with instructions on how to access the platform. To access the platform students must enter their GW email and password. You may then schedule an appointment. Students will receive confirmation of appointment date and time via the GW email or mobile device. Students are encouraged to schedule weekly testing appointments in advance. GWorld ID card and government-issued identification must be presented at the time of testing each week for verification of name, date of birth, and GWU identification (GWID) number.

Consent for COVID-19 Testing

All students must sign a consent to be tested for COVID-19. If you have not already done so please access and sign the consent form. Please note, only one form is needed for the semester.

GWU Consent for COVID-19 Testing

Accelerated B.S.N. Baseline COVID-19 Testing
and N95 Mask Fitting

Baseline testing for COVID-19 will be held at Enterprise Hall at VSTC on August 26-28. Students will also be fit tested for an N95 respirator mask at that time. Students should plan to be on campus for approximately 2 hours for COVID-19 testing and mask fitting. Per current executive order in the Commonwealth of Virginia, cloth face coverings are required to access all buildings on the campus.

  • All appointment requests must be made no later than 5 p.m. EDT on Friday, August 20 by using the Point and Click platform.
  • Please do not arrive for COVID-19 testing or mask fitting without making an appointment.
  • If you are not able to make an appointment during an available time slot please contact Mary Pearce, Director of Student Services, for further instructions.
  • Subsequent weekly testing may be done at the Smith Center on the Foggy Bottom Campus if that is more convenient for students.
  • If you are being tested, you are not permitted to bring companions with you into the testing center.
  • Mask fitting cannot be done if you have a beard. A graphic of acceptable facial hairstyles for those wearing respirator masks can be found here. Failure to have your mask fitting may delay entrance into the lab and/or clinical. If you are unable to shave your beard due to religious and/or faith-based reasons, please notify Dr. Mark Tanner, assistant dean of the Accelerated B.S.N. program, so that an alternative to the N95 mask may be arranged. 
  • Please remove nose piercings prior to arrival. Piercings interfere with sample collection and may cause unnecessary discomfort during the sample collection procedure.
  • In an effort to minimize potential exposure and transmission of COVID-19, children are not permitted inside the testing center. 

Method of Sample Collection for COVID-19 Testing

GW will use the anterior nasal swab method of sample collection for COVID-19 testing. Specimens will be collected by a healthcare professional wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Students should allow 24-48 hours for test results.

Notification of COVID-19 Screening Test Results

Accelerated B.S.N. Students
Students will receive notification via their GWU email or text message that test results are available. You will then be prompted to log in to a secure website where you can view the test results. Students that test positive for COVID-19 are expected to immediately remove themselves from the clinical setting and/or lab and notify the GW Nursing Director of Student Services. Students are encouraged to maintain confidentiality regarding test results. Student absence related to illness, exposure, or quarantine will be conveyed to the appropriate faculty by the Director of Student Services. Positive test results and contact tracing will be managed in accordance with COVID-19 reporting regulations. Students testing positive will be contacted by a public health interview specialist from the GWU School of Public Health, the Department of Health in the location of their residence, and the Loudoun County, Virginia Department of Health.  Contact tracing will be initiated in accordance with CDC recommendations for contact tracing. Isolation and/or quarantine requirements will be shared with you by the contact tracing team. If needed, counseling and mental health services will be available at the Colonial Health Center and may be accessed in-person or remotely.

Graduate Students
Nurse practitioner (NP) and nursing leadership and management (NLM) students are not subject to baseline or weekly COVID-19 testing. In the event that a graduate student tests positive for COVID-19, they are expected to notify their clinical experience faculty (CEF) and/or practicum faculty and follow the positive test protocol in place at the clinical/practicum site. If needed, counseling and mental health services will be available at the Colonial Health Center and may be accessed in-person or remotely.

Return to Clinical and/or Lab After Positive Test

All GW Nursing students are expected to follow CDC Return to Work Guidelines for Healthcare Personnel with COVID-19 Infection. Documentation of medical clearance must be provided by GWU Colonial Health Center prior to returning to lab and/or clinical.  Services at the Colonial Health Center may be accessed in-person or remotely.