David Keepnews

Dr. David Keepnews
Professor and Health Policy Faculty; Interim Chair, Acute and Chronic Care Community
Foggy Bottom Campus
1919 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Suite 500
Washington, District Of Columbia 20006
United States
[email protected]

David Keepnews, PhD, JD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, is a professor of nursing and health policy faculty. Dr. Keepnews most recently was dean, professor and endowed chair at the Harriet Rothkopf Heilbrunn School of Nursing at Long Island University, Brooklyn. Dr. Keepnews has served in policy-related staff leadership positions at the American Nurses Association, California Nurses Association and the New York Academy of Medicine and in volunteer leadership positions for several nursing organizations, including six years on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Nursing. An alumnus of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellows program, Dr. Keepnews served as editor-in-chief of Policy, Politics and Nursing Practice, a scholarly journal, for a decade. He holds degrees in nursing, public health, law and social policy and has spoken, presented and consulted widely on a broad range of issues related to nursing and health policy.


  • Excelsior College, School of Nursing – Master of Science, Clinical Systems Management track (2008)
  • Brandeis University, Heller Graduate School – Doctor of Philosophy, Social Policy (2002)
    • Health Policy concentration
  • University of California, Hastings College of the Law – Juris Doctor (1988)
  • University of California, School of Public Health – Master of Public Health (1986)
  • University of San Francisco, School of Nursing – Bachelor of Science in Nursing, cum laude (1982)


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