Our People

We are passionate about improving the field of nursing and the well-being of the communities we serve. We work to foster an environment in which teams are welcoming, supportive and creative and we proudly bring together influential leaders in the nursing field to work to that end. 

To reach staff member or departments, choose from the options below. Faculty contact information can be found in the faculty directory

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Academic Affairs

Arager, Kyla
DNP Program Associate
202-994-9684 | ksarager@gwu.edu

Deyo, Patsy
Academic Affairs Manager
202-994-5233 | pdeyo@gwu.edu

Hoffman, Janice
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
571-553-4194 | jjhoffman@gwu.edu

Ouellette, Janice
BSN Program Associate
571-553-0222 | jouellette@gwu.edu

Parkin, Tilly
Veterans BSN Program Coordinator
571-553-3581 | tparkin@gwu.edu

Rosser, LaToya
MSN Program Associate
202-994-9151 | ltrosser13l@gwu.edu

Yeh, Christine
MSN Program Associate
202-994-0010 | cyeh@gwu.edu

Center for Policy and Media Engagement

Clinical Placement

Enrollment Management and Student Services

General inquiries should be sent to nursing@gwu.edu or 571-553-0138.

Becker, Evette
Assistant Director of Admissions
571-553-3533 | evettebecker@gwu.edu

Kristen Cabrera
Admissions Officer
571-553-8584 | kcabrera@gwu.edu

Hayes-Klosteridis, Jennifer
Assistant Dean, Enrollment Management and Student Services
571-553-0266 | jhkloste3@gwu.edu

Koo, Cindy
Assistant Director of Admissions
571-553-0318 | cindyjkoo@gwu.edu

McCauley, Jenny
Student Services Specialist
571-553-3530 | jmccauley@gwu.edu

Pearce, Mary
Director of Student Services
571-553-0101 | marypearce@gwu.edu

Robaina, Samantha
Records and Registration Manager
571-553-8551 | srobaina@gwu.edu

Spatola, Anthony
Director of Enrollment Management
571-553-0266 | aspatola@gwu.edu

Dean's Office

Development and Alumni Relations

Harkins-Medina, Erin
Director for Development
571-553-0122 | ehmedina@gwu.edu

Krzyszczyk, Monica
Development and Alumni Relations Coordinator
571-553-0185 | monicak@gwu.edu

Division of Entrepreneurial Enterprises

Faculty Communities


Pulcini, Joyce
Chair, Acute and Chronic Care Community
202-994-9536 | pulcinjo@gwu.edu

Law, Sydnae
Manager, Acute and Chronic Care Community
571-553-0139 | slaw@gwu.edu

Martinez, Eva
Coordinator, Acute and Chronic Care Community
202-994-0434 | ​martinez_evag@gwu.edu

Mikheeva, Natalia
Coordinator, Acute and Chronic Care Community
571-553-0375 | nvmikheeva@gwu.edu


Malliarakis, Kate
Chair; Policy, Populations and Systems Community
202-994-9659 | katemall@gwu.edu

Ogundiran, Joke
Manager; Policy, Populations and Systems Community
202-994-8798 | jokeogun@gwu.edu

Alston, Dianne
Coordinator; Policy, Populations and Systems Community
202-994-0175 | dalston8@gwu.edu


Health Workforce Institute

Human Resources

Marketing and Communications

General inquiries should be sent to sonmarketing@gwu.edu.

Biglari, David
Director of Marketing and Communications
202-994-6372 | big@gwu.edu

Julius, Erin
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
571-553-0225 | ejulius@gwu.edu

Rackets, Reese
Marketing and Communications Specialist
571-553-3547 | rackets@gwu.edu

Online Design and Instructional Technology


Simulation Learning and Innovation Center