Faculty-Staff Giving Campaign

Faculty and staff giving sets an example to the broader George Washington University community that we are fully invested in our mission. Our support reflects our pride in our work, our students and the impact we have on the world. Your participation sends a powerful message that GW Nursing has the support of the people who know us best.

You can choose to designate your gift wherever is important to you. Your funds will be directed to that area to provide much-needed support.

Why I Give...

Photo of Dr. Carol Lang

Carol Lang

“As a professor at the School of Nursing, I am inspired every day by the work that we are doing to help shape the future of professional nursing. I also feel that I can inspire others - faculty, students, nurses we partner with locally, regionally and internationally - to reach their fullest potential as leaders, policymakers, lifelong learners, advocates for quality health care and participate fully in civic engagement and social justice. This, for me, is what being a nurse and a nurse educator at the School of Nursing is all about.”

Photo of Joké Ogundiran

Joké Ogundiran

"I give because I realized that I cannot continue to be on the sidelines and watch others do the work. That it takes the entire GW Nursing community, all of us, which includes me, to get the work done and continue to prepare nursing leaders for the global community. I understand that the sum is greater than its parts; our individual contributions when put together will have a greater impact on our school and the world around us."

Photo of Josh Mannix

Josh Mannix

"GW has given more financial aid and resources to my sister and I than my undergraduate university. There's a clear appeal of saying that students come first and meaning it. So I don't mind giving back to the school that has invested in us. As the School of Nursing grows I'd like potential nurses to know that we want them to be the best and have our support."

Photo of Dr. Karen Dawn

Karen Dawn

"When I began as faculty at the School of Nursing, I felt the same connection to the school as I do my alma mater. Giving to GW Nursing enables us to feel a part of the institution. By making an annual contribution, I am reinforcing and validating my commitment to the mission and vision of our GW Nursing community. Giving is also so easy! A deduction can be made directly from your paycheck; I don't have to wonder if I need to continue my contribution!  You also have the ability to choose where within GW Nursing you would like to apply your donation. I have chosen Global Programs, as I am passionate about the work we do with our Global Community Partners and feel that by contributing to this program, my donation is helping students who have a financial barrier to participating in this global partnership."

Ways to Give...



For more information contact Philippa Moore at [email protected] or 202-304-8577.