GW SON Top-Ranked

GW SON continues to be ranked among the top 50 schools of nursing. GW is in the top 13% of ranked graduate nursing schools. 

US News & World Report also ranks our online MSN #26 out of more than 144 programs nationwide.

In a first-ever ranking of Doctor of Nursing Practice programs, we are no. 30, placing us in the top 20% of ranked programs. These top rankings reflects the quality of our student engagement, faculty credentials and training, student services and technology, peer recognitions, and admissions selectivity.

Forms & Policies

Useful Forms

  • Address Change - Submit this form to the University Registrar’s Office to officially change your address. Current students may also login to GWeb Info Systems to change their address, phone, or email.
  • Change of Major – Used to change programs but remain within the same degree (e.g. M.S.N. Clinical Research Administration to M.S.N. Clinical Leadership & Management).
  • Complete Withdrawal Form – Used when a student is dropping all courses in a term and is not registering for Continuous Enrollment or Leave of Absence.
  • Credit Card Payment Form – Can be used to pay tuition and other fees for distance education students only.
  • Credit Transfer Form – Used to request credits from another institution be applied to your GW degree or certificate. Transcripts showing credit hours and grade of C or higher are required. In some cases program description or course syllabus will be required. Please provide course number of GW equivalent.
  • Graduation Applications
  • Name/Social Security Change Request – To officially change your name or social security number with GW you must complete this form, provide supporting documentation, and submit it to the University Registrar’s Office.
  • Petition Request – A general form used to make any special request regarding academic or registration policy. Most commonly used for Leave of Absence or registration/tuition adjustment. Often used in conjunction with the Registration Transaction Form.
  • Physical Examination - Nursing Students in Clinical Practice – Upon completion, submit to GW Student Health Services.
  • Registration Transaction Form (RTF)– Used when a student cannot adjust his or her registration online in GWeb. Most commonly used for Continuous Enrollment, Leave of Absence, backdated registrations, or add/drop after deadlines have passed.
  • Transcript Request– Used to request official copies of GW transcripts only. If you wish to have transcripts from another institution sent to GW, please contact that institution’s Registrar’s Office.