George Hacks 2020 Medical Solutions Hackathon

Partnership with GW Engineering and GW Nursing

George Hacks - 2020 Medical Solutions Hackathon

George Hacks is a student-led organization that catalyzes innovation in healthcare by empowering the next generation of change makers. We provide a platform for problem-based, interdisciplinary healthcare innovation for social impact. Our ecosystem focuses on the intersection between the medical field and entrepreneurship. Our 'hackathons' are innovation competitions that facilitate early application of classroom knowledge to real-world issues, develop teamwork skills, and improve communication of ideas across disciplines.

Our innovation competitions are designed to challenge students to test the skills they learn in the classroom and step outside their comfort zones. The George Hacks team partners with organizations whose missions aid in the advancement of medical technology and healthcare solutions. We are proud to be sponsored by corporations in the medical device and medical innovation industry that are dedicated to supporting the professional and educational advancement of the students that come to our events.

The Annual George Hacks Medical Solutions innovation competition is a 24-hour hackathon-style event for teams of 3-4 students. Students will choose one problem statement from a set of pitches presented by participating healthcare organizations. The problem statements may be patient-specific or involve a systematic issue relevant to the function of the presenting organization.


  1. Opportunity for students to showcase technical and teamwork skills by demonstrating a prototype.
  2. Foster culture at GW that empowers students to use their education for social good.
  3. Give the next generation a chance to model their own future through entrepreneurship.
  4. Bridge the gap between disciplines to strengthen the educational experience.
  5. Spark students’ interest in a variety of job positions in the healthcare industry.
  6. Facilitate the formation of lasting mentor relationships for professional development.

All George Hacks competitions give students access to expert mentors representing a variety of research and design areas throughout every event. Technical supplies suited to the problem pitches presented at the hackathon are provided to students. At the end of the event, each group presents their solution in the form of a professional pitch to a panel of judges with backgrounds in entrepreneurship and medical technology. After the hackathon, George Hacks provides entrepreneurial support and guidance to competing teams who wish to continue product development and enter into local entrepreneurial competitions. The event itself and post-event support creates a platform for university students to apply classroom skills early on to start making a measurable difference in healthcare.