GW Digital Health Summit

GW Digital Health Summit

Digital technologies and their myriad applications have been transforming the healthcare landscape for some time now, but the pace of innovation has skyrocketed in recent decades and the COVID-19 pandemic has only hastened the acceleration, providing a catalyst to spur rapid adoption across disciplines and geographies. Such rapid growth and reliance on healthcare technology raises several critical questions about education, implementation, equity, safe practice, translation and more. 

To address these and other salient questions, the George Washington University is hosting its inaugural Digital Health Summit focused on the rapid acceleration of digital technologies in healthcare and the implications for healthcare and academic environments alike. The Summit will take place virtually on the afternoons of April 14-16. Presentations and discussions will focus on the state of the science, innovation and development with digital health technologies and the gaps and opportunities that exist. Each day will be focused on a key topic related to digital health.

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What can Academic Institutions learn from Practice Institutions?

Focuses on the educational needs (competencies) based on current healthcare and consumer use of different technologies assisting in health promotion and in providing safe, quality patient care. 

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Translating Innovation From the Corporate Sector to Healthcare 

Focuses on the emerging technologies in areas outside of healthcare that may have implications to disrupt our current healthcare delivery models. 

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Using Digital Health For Evidence-Based Practice and Research 

Focuses on the use of technologies in research and evidence-based care promoting health and well-being by health professions in education, practice, and research.