Joyce Ann Hahn

Associate Professor

Joyce Ann Hahn, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FNAP, FAAN, is a founding faculty member at GW Nursing and brings extensive knowledge and expertise in nursing education, nursing leadership, quality, regulatory issues, policy and health care delivery issues to the classroom setting. Dr. Hahn has held clinical and administrative positions in a variety of health care arenas, including acute care and community settings. Prior to her appointment here, Dr. Hahn was the assistant dean for the Master's Division in the School of Nursing at George Mason University. Dr. Hahn presents at local and international conferences on the topics of nursing education, leadership, research, global health and health care policy. She was a keynote presenter in Singapore at the Third Worldwide Conference of Nurses in 2015.

Dr. Hahn has extensive experience bringing together nurses to work in an effective and collaborative manner demonstrated by her leadership roles in the Virginia Nurses Association serving as the Commissioner on Government Affairs and co-chair of the Legislative Coalition of Virginia Nurses, and as the first Executive Director of the Nursing Alliance for Quality Care, a Robert Wood Johnson-funded initiative. She is currently active in the Virginia Action Coalition, a statewide nursing response to implement the IOM report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, serving on both the Education and Leadership committees.

Dr. Hahn has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals including JONA, Nursing Economics, Nursing Management, MEDSURG Nursing, Outcomes Management for Nursing Practice and The Journal for Healthcare Quality. She currently serves as a peer reviewer for scholarly nursing publications to include Nursing Economics, Nursing Forum and the Journal of Nursing Management. She has received three gubernatorial appointments to the Virginia Board of Nursing where she is currently serving as the President of the Board of Nursing and Chair of the Education Committee. Dr. Hahn has also served on the Joint Board of Medicine and Nursing for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Additional community service has included an appointment to the Fauquier Hospital Board of Directors Patient Safety and Quality Oversight Committee. She is a Gold Award Recipient from President Barack Obama for her volunteer hours served in the community. 

  • Caring for the Community Award — Sigma Theta Tau, Epsilon Zeta Chapter (2011)
  • Meritorious Service to Nursing and the Citizens of the Commonwealth — The Virginia Board of Nursing (2012)
  • Leadership Excellence Award — Virginia Nurses Foundation (2013)
  • Fellow (Distinguished Scholar) — National Academies of Practice (2014)
  • President — Virginia Board of Nursing (2015 – 2016)
  • Nancy Vance Award — Virginia Nurses Foundation (2016)
  • Social Capital
  • APRN Regulatory Licensure Requirements
  • George Mason University, Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
  • George Mason University, Master of Science in Nursing
  • George Mason University, Certificate in Quality Outcomes
  • University of the State of New York, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
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