Karen Fraser Wyche PhD, MSW, MA

Research Professor

Karen Fraser Wyche, PhD, MSW, MA, is an expert on issues related to diversity in working with and doing research in low-income and minority communities in program evaluation, the development of gender and culturally appropriate interventions, and training of service providers. In particular, Dr. Wyche investigates coping and stress responses of minority women living in difficult life circumstances, especially those living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Fellow — Society of the Psychology of Women
  • Fellow — Society for Clinical Psychology
  • Fellow — Society for the Study of  Social Issues
  • Sue Rosenberg Zalk Award for Distinguished Service — Society for Women in Psychology
  • Carolyn Wood Sherif Award — Society for Women in Psychology


  • HIV testing in older African-American heterosexual couples
  • University of Missouri in Columbia, Doctor of Philosophy
  • University of Maryland, Master of Social Work
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