Dr. Michelle Rumble

Dr. Michelle Rumble
Assistant Professor
Virginia Science and Technology Campus
45085 University Dr.
Ashburn, Virginia 20147
[email protected]

Michelle Rumble is an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing at the George Washington University. In Dr. Rumble's more than 12 years as a nurse, she has worked in various settings — including hospitals and community clinics — where she was a bedside nurse, educator, supervisor, clinical nurse specialist and chief nursing officer. She continues her commitment to education and public health nursing by working as an MA instructor at a local federally qualified health center and by volunteering at a community health clinic.

Although Dr. Rumble has worked in numerous clinical settings, she has focused her practice on mostly medical-surgical and public health nursing. She is ANCC board-certified as a Public Health Clinical Nurse Specialist and holds a certification in oncology nursing.


The George Washington University, DNP

Johns Hopkins University, MSN

Johns Hopkins University, MPH

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, BSN