COVID-19 Update Regarding Travel Restrictions

Effective immediately, the university is suspending all upcoming non-essential, GW-affiliated international travel for students, faculty and staff. This includes future group trips, spring break programs and individual travel. It also includes requests for approval of future international travel and remains in place until July 1. GW community members returning from travel within Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-designated Level 3 Travel Warning countries (which today comprise China, Iran, Italy and South Korea) will continue to be required to self-quarantine off campus for 14 days. This requirement applies even if individuals are only traveling through airports in those countries.

Partnering with University of Maribor

The University of Maribor is Slovenia's second-largest university in 1975. Its Institute for Nursing Care was the first institute for Nursing in Slovenia at the time called College for Nursing was established at the Majda Pajnkihar initiative in 1996 for conducting interdisciplinary research in nursing and in related disciplines. GW Nursing Dean Jeffries consulted on the simulation program for UM, and GW Nursing sent students to UM in the Fall of 2019. In 2021, Dean Jeffries and one of our faculty, Dr. Jeanne Geiger Brown will hold lectures for University of Maribor's Ph.D. in Nursing students regarding subjects of Evidence Based Practice, Simulation in Nursing and Health Care, Treatment of a Chronic Patient at Home and Holistic Treatment of Chronic Non-communicable Disease in February and April 2021 respectively. 

Living Conditions

Students will mainly spend time on campus during this global experience. The city hosts the University of Maribor and many other schools. In general, it is a very safe location. 

Location and Language

Many historical structures stand in Maribor that was built in Gothic style in the 13th century. Maribor is also known for wine and culinary specialties of international and Slovene cuisine. There are also many popular restaurants with Serbian cuisine.  The house of the oldest grapevine in the world (Hiša stare trte) at Lent grows the world's oldest grapevine, which was in 2004 recorded in Guinness World Records. The grapevine of Žametovka is about 440 years old.

(Some of the information is retrieved from Wikipedia.)