Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan, 2018-2021

Strategic is a word that we hear all too often from organizations. It’s used so frequently that it seems to lose its meaning. You see it posted in boardrooms, on email signatures and in advertisements. It’s a word that challenges us to see past today and ask ourselves ‘what if,’ to glimpse a future of possibilities. What if our graduates go on to lead a new generation of providers? What if we are able to cultivate the next innovation in health care delivery or inspire a health advocate to take action? What if the last person to hold a patient’s hand is a GW nurse?

As practitioners and scientists, we know that to understand anything we must first determine its nature. We challenged ourselves to develop a plan that reflects our strengths as well as the principles of the nursing profession, the university and our namesake. Through retreats, workshops and open feedback periods, members of our community made their voices heard.

As a university situated in our nation’s capital, we realized we have a responsibility to leverage our expertise and location to improve the health of all people.

We have set an ambitious, yet attainable, course to shape the future health care delivery and our role in it. Ultimately, words are meaningless without execution. There are many things we aim to accomplish in the next three years, but we are in this together.