Towards Age-Friendly: Improving Lives for All (2/20)

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The four priority areas identified for collaborative projects are:

  1. AF Businesses
  2. Developing the Long-Term Care Workforce
  3. AF Housing and Health Services (PACE and AF Health Systems)
  4. AF Arts and Creativity.

If you are interested in developing collaborative projects, please plan to attend the face-to-face sessions listed below for your specific area of interest. There is also an opportunity to join us remotely via WebEx if you are not able to join us in-person.

  • 8am-10am: Age-Friendly Housing and Health Services (PACE & Health Systems)
  • 10am-12pm: Age-Friendly Arts and Creativity

Each small group will meet to achieve the following goals:

  • To develop a short- and long-term goals for each priority area.
  • Teams will create SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely) goals and develop strategies and a set of tactics to accomplish the goal. 
  • Evaluation methods will be determined to best measure the overall success of each goal and the impact the initiative has had on the community.