Towards Age-Friendly: Improving Lives for All Center for Aging, Health and Humanities 2019-2020 University Seminar Series

Towards an Age-Friendly World: Implementation and Evaluation

Older adult exercises

Who is invited to attend: Local government; nonprofit; religious and service associations; interest groups; policy partners; service providers and practitioners; local businesses and universities; and diverse older residents of D.C.


This seminar will:

  • Using the action and evaluation plans for the top 3 priorities, implementation planning will be the focus of this seminar.
  • Round table discussions will include the required activities to implement the plan, identify partner organizations and other involved groups, and establish implementation timelines.
  • Discussions will also identify needed resources and support, potential barriers or resistance, partnership, and metrics to measure progress.

Seminar outcomes:

  • Action plan goals, desired outcomes, implementation and evaluation plans will be compiled into formal report for community leaders, organizations, and residents.
  • Marketing plan will be developed for final product to share the action plan with everyone, to ensure the community residents know why the team is focused on these top 3 priorities and desired outcomes, to garner community support to ensure success.