Andrews Nyantakyi, ABSN '22, Develops Successful Bystander CPR Training for Ghana

January 30, 2023

Woman practicing CPR on dummy

Andrews Nyantakyi, RN, ABSN '22, BSc., began his healthcare journey in 2012 when he served as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman. In 2017, equipped with an extensive understanding of the day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities and preventative health outreach, he started Elijeko Foundation with a group of volunteer health care professionals in Ghana and the United States.

In an effort to improve preventive health practices in Ghana, his organization has been developing and implementing bystander CPR training. Recently on LinkedIn he said:

"I read research published by the National Library of Medicine indicating that trained individuals are more likely to perform bystander CPR, and I am happy to announce that in a span of 21-days, we were able to reach over 800 people with practical bystanders CPR education in Ghana. In a few months, our Bystander CPR video and a CPR training app (powered by Emergency Medicine Society of Ghana) will be ready for use across Africa."