MSN: Nurse-Midwifery
MSN: Nurse-Midwifery

MSN: Nurse-Midwifery


The need for midwives is critical to address the alarming maternity care crisis in the United States where maternal mortality is rising and Black and Indigenous mothers die at three times the rate of White mothers. Midwives make a difference because they individualize care, addressing both the physical and the psychosocial needs of patients and their families. This high touch approach results in fewer preterm births and babies born at low birth weight, more vaginal births with fewer complications, and more enhanced bonding and successful and extended breastfeeding. 

At GW Nursing, the online MSN: Nurse-Midwifery program integrates research and nurse-midwifery practice, with a strong emphasis on women’s health and primary care throughout the life-span. Upon completion of our program, midwives will be prepared to:



Provide holistic, respectful, and compassionate primary and reproductive health care


Honor and promote
normal physiologic process of menarche, birth, breastfeeding, and menopause


Place patient
and family at
center of care and decision making




Engage and lead
inter-professional teams to assure quality outcomes and patient satisfaction


Our Online Curriculum

Our online curriculum is designed to promote student success. Students enroll in two courses each semester and all courses, except the professional role integration course, are completed before the last two semesters of clinical immersion. These two semesters of intense clinical immersion improve the application of knowledge and achievement of midwifery clinical competency.




In The News


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We offer info sessions periodically throughout the year. During each session, we cover the admissions basics, tips on funding your education, why you should choose GW, and offer the opportunity to ask questions of faculty and admissions staff.

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Why Choose GW Nursing?

Ranked #6 for Best Online Masters Programs, Grad Nursing, MSN, USNWR 2024
Ranked #19 for Best Grad Schools, Master's Degree in Nursing, USNWR Rankings 2024

GW Nursing is a leader in online learning with a reputation of academic excellence, flexible programs, and a respectful, supportive learning environment. 

We're focused on making our students feel welcomed, represented, and safe, as well as challenged to be leaders and change agents to improve the health of the nation.

We are proudly ranked within the Top 10 for Best Online Master's in Nursing and Top 20 for overall Best Master's in Nursing by U.S. News & World Report. These solid rankings are a testament to GW's growing reputation as a premier destination for nurses looking to advance their careers.



Our Commitment to Equity


Our commitment is to create an environment where student midwives feel welcomed, represented, supported, and safe. We are dedicated to respect for persons in both the learning and clinical environments without bias based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, reproductive and parenting decisions, geographical locations, or physical, functional, and learning abilities. The faculty champion the adult learner principles of self-direction, motivation, engagement, mentorship, and the importance of goal attainment. It is imperative that students develop self-care and resilience for their educational journey as well as for their midwifery career. We commit to graduating well-educated, clinically-competent, culturally sensitive midwives who mirror the diverse populations they serve. 

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Application Deadlines

Fall 2024

Application Open: 10/03/23

Priority: 12/01/23  
Release Date: Rolling

Final: 07/01/24
Release Date: Rolling



About the Program



The MSN: Nurse-Midwifery program consists of 50 credit hours and 840 clinical hours.

Graduates of the program are eligible to take national examination to be a certified-nurse-midwife (CNM) administered by the American Midwifery Education Board (AMCB). 

Questions about the program should be directed to the program director, Suzan Ulrich, DrPH, CNM, FACNM via email at [email protected] or text/call 716-223-0663.

Programs of Study

Nurse-Midwifery program of study (fall entry, part-time) (PDF)


For full listing of courses and descriptions, please visit the University Bulletin.

Additional Requirements

  • Virtual New Student Orientation
    You will be required to complete the Virtual New Student Orientation, which provides the knowledge and tools needed to be successful at GW Nursing. You will learn about the academic resources available to you, program requirements, course registration, online technology and other expectations. You will also connect with faculty members, advisors and your fellow students.

  • Campus Learning and Skills Intensive (CLASI)
    You are required to successfully complete the on-campus preparation for clinical at the beginning of semester 7 to demonstrate your knowledge and learn, practice and show competency in skills before beginning your clinical immersion.

  • Birth Center Workshop
    You are required to attend the How to Start a Birth Center Workshop by the completion of year two. You will gather knowledge on how to start an evidence-based practice in the wellness model of care.

  • Technology Requirements
    Each student admitted to the MSN program is expected to own and have ready access to a laptop or tablet with basic productivity software for classroom use. View Policy.

Complete applications that are submitted by the priority deadline will be reviewed first. Applications do not have to be verified by the priority deadline, only completed and submitted. Questions? Contact the Office of Admissions at [email protected].

A completed application includes the following components:

  • Bachelor's degree in nursing from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Preferred scholastic GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Official transcripts (from all post-secondary schools)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Current resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Active and unencumbered nursing licensure


  1. GW Nursing is subject to state authorization requirements in order to offer an approved nursing curriculum. View available states.

At the conclusion of this MSN program, you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate leadership based upon advanced knowledge.

  2. Promote and improve quality in the workplace through quality improvement practices.

  3. Synthesize knowledge of nursing practice, theory and research as a foundation for advanced nursing practice.

  4. Demonstrate continued professional development through ongoing education.

  5. Build an interdisciplinary professional network that includes collaboration and teamwork.

  6. Promote positive changes in health care delivery and nursing practice.

  7. Engage in caring and collaborative relationships with patients/clients for shared decision-making.

At the conclusion of the Midwifery program, you will be able to:

  1. Design evidence-based midwifery care (primary, gynecologic/reproductive/sexual, childbearing/AP, IP, PP ,and neonate) and promote a non-interventive approach in the absence of complications.
  2. Generate patient and family centered care by fostering shared decision making that respects diversity and honors preferences and cultural backgrounds.
  3. Formulate effective collaboration and communication skills that build relationships and create high quality patient experiences with seamless continuity.
  4. Create policies and programs based on public health principles and an understanding of the social determinants of health that improve outcomes and reduce health disparities. 
  5. Formulate a professional identity based on the ACNM Philosophy, Standards, and Code of Ethics that promotes self-reflection, lifelong learning, and well-being.

The program is designed with two semesters of clinical immersion (840 hours) following completion of the didactic course. This allows full concentration on applying the midwifery model of care in the clinical setting with a seasoned preceptor. GW networks with midwives throughout the metro DC area and across the nation to assure high quality clinical experiences with an emphasis on birth centers and home birth. The midwifery faculty and clinical placement team support students in securing clinical sites in their area.

Our Mission

Provide an excellent learning experience that produces diverse and competent midwives who partner with patients and families to give holistic, individualized, high-quality, equitable, ethical, high-touch, and compassionate care from menarche to menopause, with particular attention to childbearing, while honoring the normalcy of these physiologic processes.

Our Philosophy

Patients deserve safe, equitable, high-quality health care that respects and values individuality and diversity and is informed, relationship centered, continuous, and compassionate. This midwifery model of care improves inequities in health outcomes by applying evidence-based interventions that honor the normal physiologic processes with judicious use of interventions. It places patients, families, and communities at the center of care and decision making using human presence and skillful communication. It involves collaboration within the health care system to optimize care and leadership and advocacy to promote policy changes at the community, state, national, and international levels that positively affect health care and the midwifery profession. Educating and socializing midwives to be excellent and ethical leaders, providers, and scholars requires engaging and innovative education; that embrace diversity, courage, and instills a commitment to lifelong learning and reflection as well as developing resilience.


Frequently Asked Questions


The GW Nursing Midwifery Program is pre-accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education, 2000 Duke Street, Suite 300, Alexandria, Virginia 22314