Statement of Purpose

As part of the application process, GW Nursing requires all applicants to submit a statement of purpose. Please refer to the essay prompts below according to the program you are applying for. 


Please submit a 500-1,000-word essay that addresses all of the following:

  • In pursuit of creating leaders and change agents in nursing, please reflect on and share a specific example from your personal or professional experience where you demonstrated leadership or acted as a change agent. Additionally, discuss how this experience aligns with the values and goals of becoming a nurse.
  • The nursing profession requires individuals to demonstrate integrity, responsibility, and accountability in all that they do. Reflect on a specific incident in your life where you exhibited one or more of these qualities. How do you perceive the importance of these traits in the field?
  • Nursing is a profession that demands grit and stamina, especially in adverse and challenging environments. Share a personal experience detailing a time when you faced adversity and had to exhibit resilience to achieve your goals. What did you learn from this experience, and how has it shaped your approach to overcoming challenges?
  • Please share any additional insights, experiences, or aspects of your character that you believe are crucial for the admissions committee to consider. This is your chance to provide a comprehensive view of your qualifications, motivations, and aspirations in the nursing profession.

Supplemental Essay for Applicants Who Do Not Meet The (3.0) Preferred GPA Requirement

For applicants who do not meet the (3.0) preferred GPA requirement in their prior Baccalaureate degree, we highly encourage you to provide additional information regarding your academic history by submitting a supplemental essay in your admissions portal.

Please submit a 200-word essay that addresses the following:

  • What factors led to your current status of not meeting the minimum admission criteria while working toward your previous degree?
  • In what ways have you taken steps to enhance your academic performance or shown proficiency in challenging coursework?
  • Can you describe your strategy to achieve success in the nursing program if you are admitted?

MSN & Certificate

Compose a 250-500 word essay describing your reasons for undertaking study in nursing at The George Washington University, your academic objectives, career goals, and related qualifications (including relevant collegiate, professional, and/or community activities). Include any substantial accomplishments not already mentioned on the application form. Your essay should also speak to the role (e.g. FNP, AGACNP, etc.) that you are applying for and how your qualifications will help you succeed in this role both professionally and as a student.


Compose a 500-750 word essay describing your career goals relative to the doctoral study. You should include a general idea for your DNP project. Your vision for your post-DNP contributions to advance the nursing profession through scholarship and evidence-based practice must be emphasized in the statement Also, briefly describe your professional nursing practice and indicate any current or previous leadership roles. The applicants with a clear idea of a potential DNP project and the ability of the project to enhance/improve/contribute to nursing practice will be given preference for admission.


Compose a 500-750 word essay describing your reasons for pursuing a PhD in nursing at The George Washington University, your academic and career goals, and your related qualifications (including any relevant research, professional, and/or community activities). Your essay should also contain the research topic you are considering along with the mention of potential GW research mentors who can help you achieve your goals.