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Kimberly D. Acquaviva


(202) 994-7735
Associate Professor (tenured)
LGBT aging and end-of-life issues; health care decision making; interdisciplinary education of health care professionals; emergency preparedness training; health care disparities; diversity and inclusion in health care delivery; shared/faculty governance Leadership; Organizational Culture; Organizational Change; Strategy; Adult Learning; Communications; Grant Writing


Erin Athey eyeagley@gwu.edu
(202) 994-9729
Assistant Professor HIV/AIDs research, prevention and  management; international health; social determinates of health;  preventative and holistic primary care
Linda Briggs briggs10@gwu.edu
(202) 994-6259
Assistant Professor Nurse practitioners; critical care nurses; women and heart disease; hypertension; barriers to practice
Jess Calohan jcalohan@gwu.edu Assistant Professor  
Linda Cassar lcassar@gwu.edu
(571) 553-8577
Clinical Instructor Accelerated BSN program; maternal child health
Kristin Caulfield  kjc@gwu.edu Assistant Professor Undergraduate and graduate nursing education; patient engagement in chronic disease management; behavior change; patient-centered care and humanism in healthcare. 
Elizabeth Choma echoma@gwu.edu Clinical Instructor  
Julia Clarke  jaclarke@gwu.edu           (202) 994-7901 Clinical Instructor  Maternal Child Health, Nursing Education, Simulation in Nursing, Maternal Depression, Cultural Nursing.
JoAnn Conroy jfc27@gwu.edu
(571) 553-6899
Clinical Instructor Accelerated BSN program; relationships between nursing programs and clinical agencies within the community; hospice nursing and terminal care; psychiatric nursing; nursing ethics; student and faculty diversity issues; faculty recruitment and retention; nursing self care; holistic nursing; art therapy
Catherine Wilson Cox catherinewcox@gwu.edu
Associate Professor
Carolyn Cummings

cummingsc@gwu.edu   (571) 553-4498

Clinical Instructor Veterans BSN program; nursing education
Ashley Darcy-Mahoney adarcymahoney@gwu.edu Assistant Professor Research; Infant health and developmental outcomes in high-risk infants; neonatology; developmental pediatrics

Patricia Davis

(571) 553-4185

Director, Clinical Skills & Simulation Laboratory; Instructor


Accelerated BSN program, simulation in education; health care and geriatrics
Sandra Davis

(202) 994-4980

Director, Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner; Assistant Professor  Adult-Gerontology Program; Health Disparities; Nursing Simulation; Coronary Artery Disease
Karen Dawn

(571) 553-0183

Assistant Clinical Professor Accelerated BSN program; Diabetes, obesity, prevention and health eating; diabetes management; chronic disease prevention and management
Ellen M. Dawson emd@gwu.edu
(202) 994-5192
Senior Advisor to the Dean; Director, Nursing Workforce Diversity Grant (HRSA); Professor Emeritus  Diversity of nursing workforce; interdisciplinary education of health care professionals; Primary care; Nursing Education program development and administration; patient engagement and other health policy issues; team building
Maritza Dowling nmdowling@gwu.edu Assistant Professor  
Majeda El-Banna

(571) 553-0226

Assistant Professor and Director, Pathways for ADN Nurses Research interests include accelerated BSN and graduate nursing education; online education, physical and mental health and sleep disturbances in pregnant women; symptoms in cancer patient’s including sleep disturbances, fatigue, pain, depression and anxiety and nursing work environment
Esther Emard europex4@gwu.edu Adjunct Instructor Leadership & Management; Home Health; Hospice & Pallative Care, Health Care Quality; Patient Safety; Teamwork & Collaboration
Pat Farmer pdf2@gwu.edu  Research Professor Nursing education, access to care
Ellen Farrell

efarrell@gwu.edu   (292) 994-7901

Assistant Professor and Director of Palliative Care Palliative Care; nursing education 
Kathleen Griffith kgriffith@gwu.edu Associate Research Professor  
Cathie E. Guzzetta cguzzetta@gwu.edu Clinical Professor  Holistic nursing
Joyce Hahn jhahn1@gwu.edu
(571) 553-0306
Associate Professor Healthcare policy; leadership; care coordination across the health care continuum; multigenerational nursing
Ronna Halbgewachs

(571) 553-8375

Assistant Dean for Strategic Management and Policy Service Professor Leadership; Organizational Culture; Organizational Change; Strategy; Adult Learning; Communications; Grant Writing
Lynn Henrikson jlhenrikson@gmail.com
(325) 224-5327
Professorial Lecturer Primary care; family Practice; urgent care; distance education; technology in education; applications of technology to clinical practice
Dana D. Hines dana-hines2@gwu.edu Assistant Professor Research; at-risk populations living with HIV/AIDS; improving access to HIV care
Cameron Hogg


Assistant Professor of Nursing Adult education, instructional design and learning assessment techniques, health care policy, health care enterprise, health care research, and organizational change
Pamela Jeffries pjeffries@gwu.edu
(202) 994-3725
Dean and Professor Technology in Nursing Education, developing simulations, online teaching and learning
Jean Johnson jejohns@gwu.edu
(202) 994-3725
Professor (tenured) and Founding Dean (retired) Primary care; aging; health systems changes; health policy issues; health professions education, access, quality; distance education
Ellen T. Kurtzman etk@gwu.edu
(202) 994-9439
Assistant Research Professor Affordable Care Act programs and provisions; medicare inpatient policies; quality of care; nursing workforce
Carol Lang  cslang@gwu.edu
(571) 553-6873
Associate Director, International Nursing Programs and Assistant Professor Accelerated BSN program; nursing education; international and global health; childhood obesity; health care reform
Kathleen C. Leoffler leoffler@gwu.edu
(678) 364-1720
Adjunct Professor Family nurse practitioners; primary care; health care access; diabetes; quality indicators in primary care
Mayri Sagady Leslie mayri@gwu.edu
(202) 994-2451
Director, MSN Nurse-Midwifery; Assistant Professor Nurse-midwifery; pregnancy, labor, birth, delayed cord clamping; provider behavior change and decision making; evidence-based practice change; online learning pedagogy and technology
Beverly K.Lunsford bklunsfo@gwu.edu
(202) 994-6726
Director, Center for Aging, Health and Humanities; Director, Washington Area Geriatric Education Center Consortium (WAGECC); Assistant Professor Underserved and disenfranchised populations; palliative and end of life care; spirituality and health care.
Dale Lupu

dlupu@gwu.edu            (202) 285-7860    

Associate Research Professor  Hospice and palliative care; health policy