Student Groups
Student Groups

Student Groups


Getting involved in student groups is one of the best ways to engage with campus life. At GW, there are a variety of student organizations that cater to different causes, identities, and interests. Below, you can find a list of student groups that are specific to nursing and our school.


GW Nursing Student Groups


Accelerated BSN Cohort Representatives

The Accelerated BSN Cohort Representatives is a student-led organization, comprised of two representatives from each cohort. Acting as advocates and leaders for their peers, they work alongside Accelerated BSN faculty and staff leadership. This team meets monthly in collaboration with the GW School of Nursing Office of Student Affairs to enhance the student experience within the Accelerated BSN program.

American Assembly of Men in Nursing

The American Assembly of Men in Nursing (AAMN) is an organization led by students that advocates for the practice, education, research, and leadership of men in nursing as well as the advancement of men's health. The GW chapter of AAMN is a member of the National American Assembly of Men in Nursing.

Antiracism Nursing Student Alliance

The Antiracism Nursing Student Alliance (ANSA) is an organization founded and run by nursing students. Creating a university that mirrors the diversity in the surrounding community is crucial. Equally essential is addressing and eliminating the racism that currently exists in the health care sector. The ANSA aims to ensure that GW Nursing is an inclusive and equitable institution that is actively anti-racist.


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Madison Upshaw, Founding Member

Katherine Liwanag, Founding Member

Billy Baron, Founding Member

Mimi Bui, Founding Member

Graduate Nursing Student Academy

The Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA) offers valuable programs, services, and resources to students enrolled in master's and doctoral nursing programs at American Associate of College of Nursing (AACN) member schools. Its goal is to support graduate students in their preparation for a career in various roles such as faculty members, researchers, advanced practice registered nurses, clinical nurse leaders, policy experts, and healthcare administrators.

The GNSA provides its members with professional development opportunities such as leadership programs, a webinar series, a monthly GNSA bulletin, and a graduate nursing career network. Additionally, members have access to peer-to-peer networking, policy engagement, and exclusive scholarships.


GW Nursing Pride

GW Nursing Pride aims to foster a sense of community among the GW Nursing LGBTQIA+ community and its supporters. This group welcomes all individuals who identify within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and allies who wish to provide support and establish a greater sense of belonging at the school. You are encouraged to join us for both community building and advocacy. All are welcome to participate!

National Student Nurses Association

The National Student Nurses Association (SNA) is an organization led by students that aims to foster the professional development of future registered nurses. The SNA chapter at GW is a member of both the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) and the Virginia Nursing Students Association (VNSA).

Sigma Theta Tau – Phi Epsilon Chapter

The Phi Epsilon chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society was established by The George Washington University School of Nursing. The chapter aims to provide support to students, alumni, and nursing leaders in their professional development through collaboration, education, and dissemination of knowledge.

Undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate academic excellence and meet the expectation of academic integrity are invited to join during their last year of school. For students, the criteria for joining include having a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and endorsement by the faculty. Nursing professionals who did not join as students can apply to Sigma Theta Tau as a Nurse Leader candidate.


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Student Nurse Support Initiative

The Student Nurse Support Initiative (SNSI) is a student-led group that promotes peer partnership and provides support to fellow students within the Accelerated BSN program. SNSI offers a sense of community and connection to students of all backgrounds who share a passion and desire to become nurses so that no one feels alone during the challenges of the program. The primary goal is to reduce the overall anxiety and stress of the program by sharing stories and connecting with like-minded peers. The group also facilitates learning and sharing of helpful nursing resources, study tips, and suggestions to succeed while enrolled in the ABSN program.