Health Policy Brief Series


The Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement at The George Washington University School of Nursing sponsors a policy brief series that focuses on health policies with significant nursing implications. Each brief focuses on pressing policy issues, explores the need for policy change or development, and provides an analysis of the best policy options to address the issue. Briefs present evidence and reports on promising policies/practices and approaches to addressing cost, access, quality, and/or workforce issues relevant to nursing.

We publish selected briefs on our website and in coordination with the journal, Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice. We accept 5-10 peer-reviewed policy briefs in the series. Each individual or team whose brief is selected for publication will receive a $1,000 honorarium once their brief is published online.

2020 Publications


We welcome submissions from researchers and scholars, policy analysts, industry experts, and health and health care stakeholders. We are interested in a range of topics. Submissions should clearly identify strong nursing implications.

The health policy sphere comprises many interests, industry sectors, professions, and disciplines. Briefs that address topics that will interest a broad range of readers interested in policy questions and that cut across these dimensions will be of greater interest than those that focus on a relatively narrow aspect of a problem, narrow professional interests, or briefs that focus on aspects of a problem that are not primarily policy-oriented, such as specific operational issues or questions that would primarily be of interest to other audiences (e.g., methodologists or clinicians).

Briefs that advocate on behalf of specific organizations or their agendas, or that fail to go beyond aspirational statements are unlikely to be selected for invitation. The Center is nonpartisan; briefs should reflect a balanced assessment of what is known about a topic and recommendations that take account of political, economic, and organizational constraints and realities.

Potential structure (flexible as long as it makes sense):

  • The issue and its significance
  • Background
  • Current policy/law
  • Debate over addressing the issue
  • What’s next and policy recommendations


We are not currently accepting submissions. Stay tuned for the next cycle. 

Questions or Submissions 

Contact us at [email protected]