Center for Aging, Health and Humanities

Behind every symptom is a story

The George Washington University Center for Aging, Health and Humanities, is the interdisciplinary home for GW faculty to collaborate on research, education, scholarship and clinical innovations to improve the care of older adults and their families. The center works with faculty and organizations to incorporate skills, benefits and lessons learned from the humanities in the fields of aging and health. This unique approach provides practitioners insight into the intersection of the human experience and the rapidly changing landscape of science, technology and public policy in health care.

Understanding the lives of patients, families and health care professionals is essential to education, research and clinical services. By sharing and listening to our collective stories, we believe we can reach our highest potential and maximize the quality of life of those for whom we care as well as our own. 

If you have questions about any of the available resources or would like to partner, contact us at [email protected].


Discover how policies and agencies impact the approaches to caring for older adults living within the community.
Choose from a variety of services in the Washington, D.C. area designed to help support citizens age in place.
Learn the skills necessary to provide care for older adults through a variety of academic programs and workshops.


Founder Dr. Cohen


Dr. Gene Cohen, was known for groundbreaking research on the importance of creativity in aging to our quality of life, as well as physiological well-being, established the center in 1994.

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"Preparing our workforce and caregivers to meet the unique needs of older adults is critical, and will require efforts in educational and clinical innovation, and research to inform policies to manage this major shift in demographics."
Melissa Batchelor-Murphy
Director of Aging, Health and Humanities
Geriatric Nursing Researcher