We are committed to attracting and retaining the best and brightest faculty in support of our educational, research and policy goals. Our faculty members are high-level leaders in their field. We foster a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment to explore pressing issues in health care and advance the profession of nursing.

Faculty Communities

Communities administratively group faculty by the scope and direction of their work in relation to the school as a whole. Our faculty communities consist of Acute and Chronic Care and Policy, Populations and Systems.

Acute and Chronic Care 

Faculty in this community investigate, teach, and translate into practice physiologic, psychosocial and behavioral health concepts, evidence and guidelines to enhance patient care, symptom management and end-of-life care across the care continuum from outpatient settings to specialized critical care units.

Policy, Populations and Systems 

Faculty in this community investigate, teach and translate into practice behavioral models and interventions to reduce the risk of disease for an individual and their community and to directly improve the health of those with chronic health conditions. Health disparities, vulnerable populations, global health and behavioral health are important foci for this community. Faculty efforts in the areas of health systems leadership, analysis and innovation, as well as policy inquiry and development, provide important insights and avenues to drive positive change.