Become a Preceptor

Preceptors are experienced clinicians who supervise nursing students in a clinical setting giving them practical experience with patients. Faculty consider three main areas when considering a preceptor: individual preceptor qualifications, strengths of the clinical setting, and needs of the individual student/course.

This year, over 200 preceptors in dozens of local hospitals and clinics are working one-to-one with nursing students to nurture their skills and confidence. Your work means a great deal to us, and to your students. As a key member of the School of Nursing team, we thank you for nurturing the next generation of nursing professionals with clarity, compassion and purpose.

Benefits of Becoming a Preceptor

Precepting is a responsibility and can require careful balancing of time and effort in a busy practice, but it also brings benefits.  Many preceptors remember that special preceptor who guided them in their clinical growth while a student. This offers an opportunity to be that exceptional preceptor who makes a difference in the education of a future nurse.

  • Access to the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library
  • Opportunity to become a guest lecturer at GW Nursing in an area of your expertise.
  • Invitation to collaborate with other preceptors

Apply to be a Preceptor