Funded Projects

Our faculty members are actively engaged in the advancement of nursing science. The following are currently funded projects organized by faculty members' last name.

Nursing on the ocean blue: Navy nurses response to COVID-19 and other public health outbreaks via aircraft carriers, fleet surgical teams, and hospital ships

PI: Catherine Cox
Funder: Department of Defense/Geneva Foundation
Award Start: 3/1/21
Award End: 11/30/22
Overview:  COVID-19 presented a unique challenge to U.S. Navy ships due to the provision of health care for essential personnel within the close confines of shipboard settings. Hence, the purpose of this study is to gather first-person narratives from shipboard nurses when confronted with COVID-19 and other potential public health emergencies while underway. This study supports future U.S. Navy nurses' acumen and skill development necessary for the provision of competent care regarding the suppression and transmission of infectious diseases while at sea.

Guiding dissemination and implementation of the Future of Nursing: 2020-2030

PI: Ashley Darcy Mahoney 
Funder:  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Award Start: 3/1/22
Award End: 6/30/23
Overview:  The Future of Nursing 2020-2030: Charting a Path to Achieve Health Equity extends the vision for the nursing profession into 2030 and charts a path for the nursing profession to help our nation create a culture of health, reduce health disparities, and improve the health and well-being of the U.S. population in the 21st century. The RWJF sponsored National Academy of Medicine report on the Future of Nursing has conveyed a number of important recommendations for nurses as leaders and change agents in driving more health equity in the United States. The potential for the profession to make traction on the report recommendations is enormous given the interest and will. Closing the gap between interest, action and results, however will take strong leadership and strategy development from a number of people and organizations and this role will help facilitate that implementation.

A Nurse-Led Approach to Testing and Adapting a Telehealth Guide for E-Empathy

PI: Adriana Glenn
Funder: Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation
Award Start: 2/1/22
Award End: 1/31/23
Overview:  This project seeks to enhance patient/provider interactions via the virtual healthcare space. Using an existing E-empathy guide designed for nephrology providers on projecting empathy in telehealth during goals of care conversation, a community-based participatory action approach will guide the development of a tailored guide option to use with Black/African-American patients with kidney disease.

Balance Impairment in Non-AIDS Defining Cancer

PI: Kathleen Griffith & Alice Ryan (UMB)
Funder: National Cancer Institute
Award Start: 9/1/22
Award End: 8/31/24

Geriatric and Functional Assessments in  Non-AIDS Defining Cancers Supplement to P30CA134274 (Cullen, K. PI) 

PI: Kathleen Griffith & Alice Ryan (UMB)
Funder: National Cancer Institute
Award Start: 8/1/21
Award End: 7/31/23
Overview:  This case-control study compares indicators of accelerated aging between HIV+ individuals with a history of cancer and those who are HIV+ only. Identification of differences between groups related to physical function, cognition, metabolic health, and mitochondrial function will inform potential targets for interventions designed to reduce aging-related morbidity.

Regulatory impact on vape shops and young adults' use of electronic nicotine delivery devices

PI: Daisy Le
Funder: National Cancer Institute
Award Start: 8/1/20
Award End: 11/30/23

Care of Kidney Patients

PI: Dale Lupu
Funder: Samuels Foundation
Award Start: 3/1/22
Award End: 8/31/23

Implementing Advance Care Planning for Dialysis Patients

PI: Dale Lupu
Funder: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)
Award Start: 6/1/21
Award End: 6/30/23
Project Name: Honoring Individual Goals and Hopes: HIGHway
Overview:  HIGHway is an implementation project to train social workers and nurses at 50 dialysis centers across the US to engage in advance care planning with patients who have end stage kidney disease. The project scales up an earlier intervention tested in a previous PCORI funded project with the goal that dialysis organizations will adopt effective advance care planning processes and embed them into the regular dialysis workflow.

Nurse practitioner technology-enhanced community health program 

PI: Christine Pintz
Sponsor: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Award Start: 9/1/19
Award End: 6/30/23

Impact of simulation versus case-based learning on psychiatric nurse practitioner students knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors related to mental health care for transgender and gender expansive patients

PI: Rhonda Schwindt
Sponsor: National League for Nursing 
Award Start: 9/1/21
Award End: 12/31/22
Overview:  This multi-site, mixed-method will compare the impacts of virtual simulation and case-based learning on the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and skills of psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner students related to mental health care for transgender and gender expansive patients. The study will generate data to guide nurse educators in their selection of effective, evidence-based teaching strategies to promote learning and support curricula changes which align with the professions’ commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and health equity.

It's a Dad Thing

PI: Sherrie Wallington
Sponsor: Robert Woods Johnson Foundation
Award Start: 9/15/20
Award End: 9/14/23

A Community-based Patient Navigation Model for Hepatitis C Screening and Linkage to Care in People with Substance Use Disorders and Other High-Risk Populations in the District of Columbia

PI: Tony Yang 
Sponsor: Office of Minority Health
Award Start: 9/30/21
Award End: 9/29/23
Overview:  This project refines, expands, and evaluates a patient navigation intervention to increase hepatitis c diagnosis and improve linkage to care at community-based organizations, especially among people with substance use disorders and other populations with high-risk behavior.