Costs and Aid

The George Washington University School of Nursing is happy to offer fixed-rate tuition for the majority of our programs, which minimizes unexpected tuition increases and helps students better manage their financial obligations. We also help our students acquire financial aid, increase the availability of scholarship opportunities and create partnerships to increase the value of our students’ education.


Our partnership with GW Hospital offers residency, tuition coverage and job placement upon successful graduation from our RN-BSN program.


We negotiate guaranteed admissions agreements for students who obtain an ADN at select community colleges in the area and are interested in furthering their education at GW Nursing.

Community College

GW Nursing awarded more than $1 million in scholarships funded by strategic partners in the past academic year.


Costs Per Program

The majority of our programs fall under the fixed-rate tuition plan. Each of the graduate and undergraduate program tuition rates can be found at Student Accounts Office. Click on the School of Nursing PDF under the appropriate term for current tuition rates and fees.

Other program costs might include books, certified background checks, certified drug testing and health insurance. These costs are variable and subject to change. Contact our Student Services department for help calculating your expected program costs.

Funding for Military and Veterans


Our military and veterans are a valuable resource to our country, and GW values their service. At GW Nursing, we provide the best educational experience and resources for our military and veterans.

The Office of Military and Veteran Student Services helps students understand the benefits available to them, assists students in taking the proper steps to receive those benefits, and acts as a liaison between students and other offices.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Since 2009, GW has been a proud participant of the Yellow Ribbon Program, a provision of the G.I. Bill that provides assistance with educational expenses. For more information on the program and application instructions, please visit GWeb.

Peace Corps/Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

Peace Corps Logo

After making significant contributions to communities around the world, bring your expertise to serving the health care needs of diverse communities throughout the US. The George Washington University School of Nursing (GW Nursing) offers Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) an outstanding opportunity to build on their skills and education for a new career in nursing.

RPCVs are uniquely positioned to make an immediate positive contribution to direct patient care, community health, health care policy, and leadership, both locally and globally. Your skills at problem-solving, collaboration and managing projects with limited resources make you a valuable asset to interdisciplinary health care teams. On these teams, you have the potential to lead change and make a significant impact on nursing care in diversity-rich and under-served communities. Your skills are directly aligned with the GW Nursing mission to, “prepare leaders and providers to improve the health of all people by leveraging our presence in the nation’s capital.” Learn more about the Peace Corps/Paul D. Coverdell Fellow Program.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid and Scholarships

We understand that pursuing your educational goals can be a substantial financial commitment, which is why we offer assistance with exploring your financial aid and scholarship options. Learn more about the options through Colonial Central or access personalized financial aid information through access personalized financial aid information through GWeb. (GWeb is for current students only, as it requires a GWid to log in.)

Office of Financial Aid

GW’s Office of Financial Aid administers financial aid to both undergraduate and graduate students. In conjunction with GW Nursing, they assist students with applying for loans, calculating the cost of attendance, determining eligibility for financial aid, and completing the FAFSA or GW Loan Questionnaire. 


GW Nursing is dedicated to providing scholarship opportunities for our students. We have been fortunate to receive scholarship funding from many donors and foundations. To learn more about scholarship opportunities, please contact our Student Services department.

Our merit-based scholarships are offered to qualified students each semester for assistance with tuition expense. Each student is automatically considered upon applying to their selected program.

The Washington Squared (W2) Program is a partnership with the MedStar Washington Hospital Center. The W2 program offers tuition support to Accelerated BSN students and the promise of employment and professional growth at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. 

The GW Hospital Nursing Scholars Program is the result of a partnership with the George Washington University Hospital. This program offers tuition support to Accelerated BSN students and the promise of employment and professional growth at George Washington University Hospital.  

The William and Joanne Conway Transitioning Warrior Nursing Scholars Initiative is offered each semester to up to four new students in the incoming Veterans to BSN (VBSN) cohort. Selected recipients will receive funding totaling 50% of the cost of tuition to be used towards tuition or received as a stipend divided across the first four semesters of study. This is a competitive scholarship with a limited number of recipients; however, we encourage all who meet the criteria to apply. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE HERE.