Clinical Screening and PPE Policy: HCA Facilities

HCA is excited to see students return to their facilities. During this crisis period, many questions have been raised surrounding the re-entry of students.  They wanted to address the concerns that have been brought to their attention.

Capital Division is accepting students:

  • All students/instructors will be provided with “standard” PPE for the space they are working in
  • Students will NOT be given patient assignments involving COVID, PUI’s, or isolation requiring PPE above universal facility requirements
  • Students cannot wear/bring PPE from their school or other non-clinical site places
  • Clinical Educators, preceptors, and /or Facility representatives will meet student(s) on their first days of clinical to review our practices during the COVID crisis
  • HCA has made the decision not to add addendums to current contracts

Frequently asked questions:

  • Will you require students to obtain a COVID-19 test prior to entering your facility? 
    No, this is not a requirement.  However, all persons entering the facility will be asked a series of questions related to travel and exposure to COVID patients.  Additionally, they will also have their temperature checked.
  • If a student has tested positive (during clinical or prior to) and is no longer "contagious," are there any additional requirements or precautions that will need to be taken before entering into your facility? 
    All persons that have been tested positive, must be free of symptoms and self-quarantined for two weeks prior to re-entering the facilities
  • Procedural and Respiratory Students – due to the high probability of exposure to COVID patients and/or the standard of PPE necessary for these rotations, student rotations will be reviewed at the facility level for acceptance.