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We are passionate about improving the field of nursing and the well-being of the communities we serve. We work to foster an environment in which teams are welcoming, supportive and creative and we proudly bring together influential leaders in the nursing field to work to that end. 


Arager, Kyla
DNP Program Associate

Brakefield, Katherine
Sr. Administrative Assistant

Echevarria, Mercedes
Assistant Dean for DNP Program

Griffith, Kathleen
Assistant Dean for PhD Program

Jacklin, Melissa
MSN Program Associate

Le, Tina
Academic Affairs Manager

Ouellette, Janice
BSN Program Associate

Rosser, LaToya
MSN Program Associate

Sims-Fujita, Megan
Assistant Dean for Data and Evaluation

Slaven-Lee, Pamela
Interim Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Assistant Dean for MSN Program

General inquiries should be sent to [email protected] or 571-553-0138.

Bridges, Denise
Administrative Assistant

Cabrera, Kristen
Assistant Director of Admissions

Hahn, Hannah
Academic Adviser

Harner, Chloe
Academic Adviser

Hayes-Klosteridis, Jennifer
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Pearce, Mary
Director of Student Services

Spatola, Anthony
Director of Enrollment Management

Tunkel, Ryan
Assistant Director of Admissions

Batchelor-Murphy, Melissa
Center Director

Lunsford, Beverly
Center Co-Director

Cobbs, Elizabeth
Center Co-Director

Dowling, Maritza
Center Associate Director of Research

Lang, Carol
Director of Center for Community and Global Initiatives 

Hess, Matt
Program Assistant for Global and Community Initiatives 


General inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

Johnson, Jean
Executive Director of Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement

Mason, Diana
Senior Policy Service Professor

General and graduate student inquiries should be sent to [email protected]. BSN student inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

Anderson, Audrey
Contracts Coordinator

Johnson, Ashley
Clinical Placement Manager

Helvetius, Tamara
Clinical Placement Program Associate 

Johnson, Christina
Clinical Placement Program Associate

General inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

Brown, Marie
Senior Advisor to the Dean of Nursing

Pohl, Justin
Special Assistant to the Dean

Walker, Elizabeth
Executive Associate in the Office of the Dean

General inquiries should be sent to [email protected]. A list of faculty members can be found on the faculty directory.


Keepnews, David
Chair; Acute and Chronic Care Community

Law, Sydnae
Manager, Acute and Chronic Care Community

Kelley, Cyndi
Coordinator, Acute and Chronic Care Community


Malliarakis, Kate
Chair; Policy, Populations and Systems Community

Ogundiran, Joke
Manager; Policy, Populations and Systems Community

Alston, Dianne
Coordinator; Policy, Populations and Systems Community

Mannix, Joshua
Coordinator; Policy, Populations and Systems Community 

General inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

Eisen, Alyscia
Director of Finance

Silwal, Srijana
Sr. Financial Analyst

Smith-Mu, Andrew
Financial Analyst

Quigley, Leo
Senior Research Associate

Richwine, Chelsea
Research Program Assistant

Salsberg, Edward
Director of Health Workforce Studies

Shaw, Elizabeth (Betsy)
Human Resources Manager

Requests for GW Nursing website updates, marketing projects, photography and others should be submitted to

Media requests should be sent to [email protected]. Advertising inquiries should be sent [email protected].

General GW Nursing marketing and communication inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

Biglari, David
Director of Marketing and Communications

Griffin, Dawn
Web Strategist

Julius, Erin
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications

Rackets, Reese
Senior Communications Associate

Gebara, Nikki
Sr. Instructional Designer

Liwosz, Miro
Director of Online Learning and Instructional Technology

Moy, Tiffany
Instructional Learning Coordinator

Mossinger, David
Instructional Technologist

Whitman, Katie
Multimedia Producer 

General inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

Mulloy, Evan
IT Service Management Associate

Velez, Joe
Director of Operations

Geiger-Brown, Jeanne
Associate Dean for Research

McNelis, Angela
Associate Dean for Scholarship, Innovation and Clinical Sciences

Romaine, Cortni
Research Program Associate

Bennett, Norah
Simulation Operations Technician

Farina, Crystel
Director of Simulation and Innovation Learning Center

Melson, Rebecca
Simulation Operations Technician

General inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

Johnson, Blair
Director of Ventures, Initiatives and Partnerships

Gregg, Sha'Lace
Program Manager, Ventures, Initiatives and Partnerships

Beroz, Sabrina
Associate Director, Programs and Initiatives