Faculty & Research

We are committed to attracting and retaining the best and brightest faculty in support of our educational, research and policy goals. Our faculty members are high-level leaders in their field. We foster a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment to explore pressing issues in health care and advance the profession of nursing.

Faculty Communities

Communities administratively group faculty by the scope and direction of their work in relation to the school as a whole. Our faculty communities consist of Acute and Chronic Care and Policy, Populations and Systems.

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Acute and Chronic Care

Faculty in this community investigate, teach, and translate into practice physiologic, psychosocial and behavioral health concepts, evidence and guidelines to enhance patient care, symptom management and end-of-life care across the care continuum from outpatient settings to specialized critical care units.

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Policy, Populations and Systems

Faculty in this community investigate, teach and translate into practice behavioral models and interventions to reduce the risk of disease for an individual and their community. Their efforts in the areas of health systems leadership, analysis and innovation, and health policy drive positive change.


of faculty are active in practice


of tenure-track faculty hold a fellowshipr


full-time faculty


of faculty are doctorally prepared


Leaders in Health Care

Our faculty care deeply about the profession and the future of health care. In alignment with Campaign for Action's call for 10,000 nurses on boards by 2020, our faculty are active leaders in their fields.

Veterans Administration
Geriatric Research and Clinical Center

The GW School of Nursing is a proud academic affiliate of the Baltimore Veterans Administration Geriatric Research and Education Clinical Center (GRECC).


Featured Projects

Pathways Project

Over the next two years, the Pathway Project will collaborate with approximately 15 dialysis organizations across the United States to implement supportive (palliative) care practices within dialysis centers and their affiliated nephrology practices. Providers and organizations in the Pathway Project Collaborative will be given the tools, training, and resources to help them put supportive care into practice.

My Way Project

My Way stands for “Make Your Wishes About You”, which is exactly what this project wants to help patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) do. Led by Dr. Dale Lupu, the My Way research project is testing whether meeting with a trained coach can help patients with CKD engage in advance care planning.


To raise awareness of the risks created by state pre-emption laws on tobacco control, the research team will examine the enactment or repeal of various tobacco control state pre-emption laws between 1997 and 2017 to determine whether these laws are associated with changes in the county-level smoking prevalence among adolescents and adults, as well as the sales of tobacco products.

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