Faculty Research: Juh Hyun Shin

Juh Hyun Shin headshot

Juh Hyun Shin


Associate Professor

What research are you working on now?

I am analyzing high-quality long-term care services through professional nurses by presenting cost effectiveness analysis results focusing on cognitive impairment, weight loss/dehydration and tube feedings for optimal nursing sensitive quality of care based on Nursing diagnosis and interventions (activities) applied to the residents in nursing homes.

Why is this work important?

Research on cost-effectiveness related nurse staffing is very limited worldwide  and very few cost-related research was conducted on the financial estimation of long-term care insurance

What are the potential policy implications of your work?

This study will present cost effectiveness results about optimal nursing sensitive quality of care, figuring out what RNs actually diagnosed for residents and what kinds of activities they provided using self-reported standardized nursing language smartphone application. Furthermore, this study provided potential and looking forward solutions to potential problems including preventable health conditions to nursing home residents. Potential solutions included bettering education standards of nurses, increasing pay, increasing supervision, amongst other long-term solutions to preventable conditions in nursing home residents.

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