Faculty Research: Kathleen Griffith

Kathleen Griffith headshot

Kathleen Griffith


Associate Dean for Research

Professor (Tenured)

What research are you working on now?

We are measuring indicators of accelerated aging in patients with  HIV and a history of certain cancers [non-AIDS defining cancer (NADC)].  Participants undergo a battery of physical functioning tests (such as gait speed) and laboratory tests (such as measurement of mitochondrial respiration) to establish physiological versus chronological age.

Why is this work important?

We have little understanding about how the double influence of HIV and cancer impacts physiological age, which we believe places them at risk for compounded disability and more rapid functional decline compared to having either HIV or cancer.

What are the potential policy implications of your work?

Results from this study will increase public awareness of the needs for medical and other support services indicated for a growing number of patients with NADC.

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