GW University's Pandemic Readiness and Response Task Force

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Important Information
03/04/2020 11:49

GW University's Pandemic Preparedness and Response Team (PPRT) has been closely monitoring COVID-19 in the United States and abroad. This website is available to help answer questions and address concerns among the GW community.

PPRT is working to manage the university's preparedness efforts for a pandemic threat as well as mitigation and response actions for pandemic conditions. Processes and a menu of potential actions are being developed, however, with the assumption that a flexible, deliberative and risk-informed approach is necessary to the decision-making.

For GW Nursing, our three faculty leaders are Karen Drenkard, Carol Lang and Karen Dawn, who are meeting with the response team consisting of many committee members several times a week as the virus is tracked and plans for the university are closely being monitored.

Additional information is being provided to GW Nursing faculty, staff and students as it comes available.

GW COVID-19 Info