Majeda El-Banna Begins Term as NLN Governor-At-Large

March 23, 2022

Faculty Spotlight, Majeda El-Banna

Majeda El-Banna was elected as a Governor-At-Large for the National League of Nursing (NLN), 2021-2024. The election by popular vote was after the NLN Nomination Committee selecting the candidates for the election ballot. The candidate’s selection was based on demonstration of the ability to further the NLN’s mission of promoting excellence in nursing education to build a strong and diverse nursing workforce to advance the nation’s health. Dr. El-Banna exemplified this through her boundary-spanning leadership and service, which reshaped nursing education and professional standards for education in Jordan, the Middle East, and the United States. The election winners’ announcement came at the NLN Annual meeting last fall during the 2021 NLN Education Summit. 

Dr. El-Banna is a Fellow in the NLN Academy of Nursing Education (ANEF), one of less than 350 ANEF nurses who have made enduring and substantial contributions to nursing education by providing visionary leadership and are recognized for their expertise in nursing education. She is also a Certified Nurse Educator, which communicates to students, peers and the academic and health care communities that the highest standards of excellence as a nurse educator are being met.  She has received several awards and recognition for excellence in teaching, including the prestigious University Bender Teaching Award at the George Washington University, and was inducted into the GW Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

Dr. El-Banna demonstrates her commitment to NLN by serving as a reviewer and on multiple committees over the years. She has been an NLN Research in Nursing Education Grants Program Reviewer and NLN Summit Abstract Reviewer. She served on NLN’s Award Committee, Home Instead Scholarship Committee, and NLN Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (CNEA) Program Review Committee. She was also an On-Site Reviewer and the George Washington University School of Nursing NLN Ambassador. 

These honors and positions are indicators of her leadership expertise in nursing education and enable her to be on the cutting edge of what is happening nationally within nursing education. Dr. El-Banna adopts, fully embraces, and integrates NLN core values such as caring, diversity, excellence, and integrity, among others, in teaching and the workplace. Her ultimate objective is to ensure that these qualities are not only transmitted to students to enhance the effectiveness and integrity of the nursing workforce, but also to faculty—the role models for future nurses.

“Serving on the Board of Governors will allow me the opportunity to represent and promote NLN core values and mission,” said Dr. El-Banna. “I take this responsibility seriously and am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity.”

The link to Dr. El-Banna’s bio on the NLN website can be found here.