Staff Excellence Awards 2022

July 11, 2022

Staff Awards 2022

On May 11, the faculty and staff of the GW School of Nursing met for a lunchtime event in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the Dean’s Excellence Awards. Interim Dean Pamela Slaven-Lee, D.N.P., FNP-C, FAANP, presided over the annual event that is held to recognize outstanding work in support of GW Nursing, its mission, vision, and values.

The Dean’s Excellence Awards for Staff were presented in five categories, beginning with the Impact Award, which is given annually to a staff member who has made exceptional contributions toward the effectiveness and efficiency of the workplace, including implementing innovative approaches to improving productivity or developing cost-saving plans. The 2022 recipient of the Impact Award was Director of Enrollment Management Rebekah Smith

“Rebekah, a self-described ‘spreadsheet nerd’, has changed how we capture data in Admissions. She has worked through some challenging circumstances in her time here in the School of Nursing, but continues to be a model example of hard work, dedication, and excellence,” said one nominator. “She approaches challenges with an eagerness that is exemplary and should be commended for her drive and impact… Rebekah always goes the extra mile and always seems to have a positive attitude!”

The Civility Award is given to a staff member who cultivates and nurtures positive relations among and between faculty, staff, and students; who promotes an environment where individuals feel safe and supported; and whose words and actions reflect respect and responsibility for a humane workplace. The 2022 recipient of the Civility Award was Jessica Taylor, community coordinator for the Acute & Chronic Care (ACC) faculty community, for her ongoing efforts to create a better working environment for faculty and staff.  

“Jessica joined GW Nursing in May 2020, at the peak of the pandemic, which means that the early part of her tenure at the school was mostly remote. She reached out individually to all ACC faculty, to introduce herself and ensure that they knew that she was available to assist them in any way,” said one nominator. “For her staff colleagues, she joined the Staff Council and was elected as the Social Officer. In that position, Jessica continued to connect and collaborate with others to plan and organize different activities for the good of the community. She was instrumental in organizing the new faculty/staff meet-and-greet, and continued to extend welcoming vibes to new members. She goes the extra mile to demonstrate her commitment to the school.”

The Unsung Hero Award acknowledges a staff member who has positively impacted GW Nursing from behind the scenes with a positive attitude, a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary, as well as demonstrates a commitment to excellence. The award is given to a staff member annually who does not serve in a supervisory capacity within GW Nursing. The co-recipients of the 2022 Unsung Hero Award were M.S.N. Program Associate Chantal Mosellen and Instructional Designer Tiffany Moy.

“Chantal Mosellen is our wonderful M.S.N. program associate who always works above and beyond what is required to support faculty and graduate students,” said her nominator. “She is an excellent team player and works closely with other staff and faculty to organize the graduate simulation events. Chantal is the ‘contact person’ for our M.S.N. students. She makes sure they have timely communication about upcoming events and assists them when an issue of concern arises. She is a dedicated staff member who deserves to be recognized for all the work she does behind the scenes.”

According to Tiffany’s nominator, “Her actions are what inspire those around her most. The ability to adapt to ongoing needs and demands proved to be valuable when the Online Learning and Instructional Technology team was down a team member for much of the year. Tiffany took on the role of managing the eLearning projects that have benefited the school greatly. She also works closely with the Community Coordinators to make sure their needs are met and that they have the resources to do their jobs. Tiffany Moy has been and continues to be an unsung hero for the School of Nursing.”

The Excellence in Service Award is given annually to a staff member who, through their dedication, resourcefulness, and commitment to excellence, provides outstanding support and service on behalf of GW Nursing; fosters an atmosphere of collaboration, cooperation, and creativity; and regularly exhibits a willingness to help others beyond normal duties.  The recipient of the 2022 Excellence in Service Award was Pathways Project Director Shari Sliwa

 “Shari doesn't just go the extra mile, she goes the extra 100 miles, and always with a cheerful demeanor. Her in-depth knowledge of the grants and contracting processes helped several research teams whether the storm of the [university-wide] reorganization,” said her nominator. “Over the last few years, she has cheerfully and skillfully administered over $4 million in research funding, with complex arrangements involving many sub awards, contracts, and IRB agreements. Many faculty and staff turn to her for help in figuring out how to get things done in a research and contracts environment that has been continually evolving.”

The Citizenship Award is given annually to a staff member who is an active participant in GW Nursing initiatives and events. This person finds ways to contribute while demonstrating behaviors that promote the school's values, and is an engaged community member striving to make GW Nursing a better place. The 2022 recipient of the Citizenship Award was Melissa Jacklin, former associate director of student services.  

In a nomination, a fellow staff member wrote that, “Melissa plans events that make our students, faculty, and staff proud. She generates and nurtures positive relations because she does all the little behind-the-scenes work while never seeking the credit for making the GW Nursing events unforgettable. Melissa was at the forefront this year in re-imagining the B.S.N. orientation. New students gave overwhelmingly positive feedback that the orientation was more than just an introduction to the program, it was an opportunity to truly explore the experience that they were about to become a part of and were pleased to have discussions with their new instructors and the previous cohorts. Melissa is very creative and is always looking for ways to build community among students, staff, and faculty.