Stay Safe this Weekend!

January 20, 2017

With GW Nursing's proximity to the nation's capital, students have an opportunity to participate in historic events such as Inauguration-related activities happening this weekend. We offer some advice to staying safe while in crowds.
For those who have must take medications on a regular schedule, be sure to have some on hand. Public transportation may be overcrowded or unpredictable, which can lengthen your day. Because of this, it's also wise to wear shoes suitable for walking long distances. Know at least two different ways to get home so you have a backup plan. Don't rely on cellular service, which can be unreliable in huge crowds. A printed map might be helpful. Do have an extra charging pack for your phone. 
Plan where to meet up with your group in case you're separated. If you witness any aggressive behavior or a situation that makes you concerned for your safety, move away and notify authorities. Last, pack some snacks to ensure proper nutrition to power you through a historic experience!