Vision, Mission and Values


Compelled by the belief that all people deserve quality health care, we aspire to be trusted advocates for the advancement of societal well-being in the clinic, community and statehouse.


Prepare leaders and providers to improve the health of all people by leveraging our presence in the nation’s capital.


GW Nursing supports and upholds GW’s values, which guide our students, faculty and staff, and ensure we seek always to strengthen and improve our community.

  • Learning — We support opportunities for continual development that maximize the potential of the individual and strengthen the university.

  • Communication — We strive to share information and ideas in an open, consistent and effective manner.

  • Community — We strive to build a strong community in the service of our shared purpose and mission.

  • Diversity — We embrace the unique contributions of all members of our community.

  • Excellence — We commit ourselves to the highest standards in all endeavors.

  • Respect — We treat others with courtesy and dignity.

  • Service — We embrace our responsibility to exceed the expectations of others who depend on our actions.

  • Sustainability — We value and engage in sustainable practices that enhance current and future resources for our campus, our community and our world.

  • Teamwork — We encourage collaboration to meet common goals and produce a sense of shared responsibility.

Strategic Plan

GW Nursing Strategic Plan 2018-2021Our strategic plan took effect on January 1, 2018, and concludes at the end of fiscal year (FY) 2021 on June 30, 2021. We have identified seven goals with corresponding objectives and strategies as the concrete outcomes necessary to fulfill our vision and mission. In addition to the goals and objectives for this strategic plan's effective period, the document lists the school's vision and mission, as well as the university's values, as guiding principles behind the creation of this planning document.

The full strategic plan, which outlines our goals and objectives, is available for download.