Strategic Plan


GW Nursing Strategic Plan 2018-2021Strategic is a word that we hear all too often from organizations. It’s used so frequently that it seems to lose its meaning. You see it posted in boardrooms, on email signatures and in advertisements. It’s a word that challenges us to see past today and ask ourselves ‘what if,’ to glimpse a future of possibilities. What if our graduates go on to lead a new generation of providers? What if we are able to cultivate the next innovation in health care delivery or inspire a health advocate to take action? What if the last person to hold a patient’s hand is a GW nurse?

As practitioners and scientists, we know that to understand anything we must first determine its nature. We challenged ourselves to develop a plan that reflects our strengths as well as the principles of the nursing profession, the university and our namesake. Through retreats, workshops and open feedback periods, members of our community made their voices heard.

As a university situated in our nation’s capital, we realized we have a responsibility to leverage our expertise and location to improve the health of all people.

We have set an ambitious, yet attainable, course to shape the future health care delivery and our role in it. Ultimately, words are meaningless without execution. There are many things we aim to accomplish in the next three years, but we are in this together.

Pamela R. Jeffries, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF, FSSH
Dean and Professor of Nursing



Compelled by the belief that all people deserve quality health care, we aspire to be trusted advocates for the advancement of societal well-being in the clinic, community and statehouse.

Prepare leaders and providers to improve the health of all people by leveraging our presence in the nation’s capital.

We support and uphold GW’s values to strengthen and improve our community.

  • Learning — We support opportunities for continual development that maximize the potential of the individual and strengthen the university.
  • Communication — We strive to share information and ideas in an open, consistent and effective manner.
  • Community — We strive to build a strong community in the service of our shared purpose and mission.
  • Diversity — We embrace the unique contributions of all members of our community.
  • Excellence — We commit ourselves to the highest standards in all endeavors.
  • Respect — We treat others with courtesy and dignity.
  • Service — We embrace our responsibility to exceed the expectations of others who depend on our actions.
  • Sustainability — We value and engage in sustainable practices that enhance current and future resources for our campus, our community and our world.
  • Teamwork — We encourage collaboration to meet common goals and produce a sense of shared responsibility.

We cultivate excellence in teaching and learning, research and service through equal access to resources, opportunities and advancement for all members of our community. We foster a culture in which we acknowledge, discuss and address privilege to increase success among marginalized people. Our community commits to engaging in the dynamic process of promoting equity and social justice.

We acknowledge the challenges health care providers face in delivering high-quality patient care across clinical and community settings. The demands of a career in nursing can take a toll emotionally, physically and spiritually, which is why we seek to cultivate resilience and self-awareness in the face of adversity.

We are committed to educating nurses on how to deal with burnout, fatigue and other factors that cause them to leave the profession. By teaching specific coping strategies and mechanisms as part of our Professional Well-Being Initiative, we aim to train a generation of nurses that can manage the stress and challenges of an ever-changing health care environment.


Our strategic plan took effect on January 1, 2018, and concludes at the end of the fiscal year of 2021 on June 30, 2021. We have identified seven goals with corresponding objectives and strategies as the concrete outcomes necessary to fulfill our vision and mission.

Leverage technology and best practices in education to build a student-centered culture of excellence and continual growth.

Advance policy and public health locally, nationally and internationally through
education, research, media engagement and public forums.

Refine the school’s scope of research and scholarship that contributes to the state of the science.

Establish and sustain a culture in which students, faculty and staff are open and respectful to create an environment for growth.

Develop and implement standardized and transparent policies and processes to create a culture of accountability.

Cultivate a representative and inclusive community through recruitment, programs andoutreach.

Foster, maintain and invest in national and international partnerships and collaborative relationships.