Bridging Health Policy and Food Security: School of Nursing Faculty Members Join Global Food Institute

May 3, 2024

Global Food Institute promo image

The Global Food Institute (GFI) at George Washington University (GW) is proud to announce the addition of two distinguished faculty members to its ranks: Dr. Sherrie Flynt Wallington and Dr. Y. Tony Yang. Their expertise and dedication to addressing pressing global issues through interdisciplinary collaboration align seamlessly with GFI's mission to advance food policy and combat food insecurity.

Dr. Wallington, a social behavioral scientist and community-engaged cancer researcher, brings her wealth of experience in building networks and relationships to inform and empower communities, particularly in cancer prevention. Recognizing the significant impact of diet and lifestyle on chronic conditions, including cancer, she emphasizes the need for tailored, fear-free messaging to reach diverse populations. By joining forces with GFI, Dr. Wallington aims to develop innovative strategies that bridge the gap between food insecurity and cancer prevention, fostering stronger community networks and promoting health equity.

Sherrie Wallington at Capitol
Dr. Sherrie Wallington

Echoing Dr. Wallington's commitment to tailored approaches, Dr. José Andrés, founder of GFI, emphasizes the importance of rewriting the recipes when traditional methods fail. With a primary goal of eradicating hunger worldwide, Dr. Andrés advocates for innovative solutions and inclusive policies to address food insecurity. Dr. Yang, an esteemed health policy expert, shares this vision and brings his multidisciplinary expertise to GFI's mission. His research on the intersection of law, policy, and population health outcomes aligns closely with GFI's focus on advancing global food policy and addressing urgent world problems.

Dr. Yang's extensive scholarship, spanning topics such as obesity, sugar drink taxes, and GMO governance, provides valuable insights into shaping effective food policies. By leveraging his expertise and collaborations with various health and policy institutions, Dr. Yang aims to contribute to GFI's efforts in creating and improving domestic and global food policies. Through his involvement, he seeks to enrich GFI's educational initiatives and foster cross-disciplinary research and innovation in food policy.

Tony Yang outside in Foggy Bottom Campus
Dr. Y. Tony Yang

Together, Dr. Wallington and Dr. Yang exemplify GFI's commitment to leveraging expertise from diverse fields to tackle complex global challenges. Their addition to the GFI team strengthens its capacity to drive meaningful change in food policy and combat food insecurity on a global scale. As they collaborate with GFI's existing leadership and faculty members, they embody the institute's ethos of innovation, collaboration, and humanity in addressing the world's most pressing food-related issues.