Clinical Screening and PPE Policy: Children's National Medical Center (CNMC)

  1. Clinical rotations/practicum placements will resume based on the tiered strategy and revised approval process.
  2. Prior to approval for clinical placement students must complete all clinical placement requirements, including a one-time pre-screening tool:

    Occupational Health COVID-19 Pre-screen Tool

    If the clinical student answers "yes" to any of these questions they are not allowed on site for clinical experience and must follow up with their school representative and notify their preceptor / Children’s National coordinator.
    • Clinical students will also be expected to screen themselves for the following daily symptoms prior to arriving at any Children’s National Hospital location:
    • a temperature of > 100.0 degrees F
    • shortness of breath
    • a new cough
    • loss of smell/taste
    • chills/shakes
    • headache
    • sore throat
    • new muscle/body aches
  3. Clinical students who have a recent diagnosis of COVID-19 must at a minimum follow the Children’s National return to work criteria, which includes the following: Home quarantine for at least 14 days from the onset of symptoms and must be asymptomatic.
    • If the student/faculty has a suspected or confirmed exposure due to close contact with a COVID positive person the student/faculty cannot report to Children’s National, must report the exposure to the clinical leader at CN, and should follow up with their school representative to report the exposure and follow their institution's guidelines for exposure and quarantine.
    • If you should develop symptoms during the clinical day, the clinical faculty/student must inform their clinical faculty/preceptor and clinical leader (charge nurse, provider, and manager) for possible exposure follow up, leave the clinical site and follow up with their school representative.
    • Any clinical faculty/student that experiences symptoms or has as an exposure must also complete the Children’s National COVID-19 Symptom/Exposure Reporting Tool:

      COVID-19 Symptom/Exposure Reporting Tool
  4. Each school is responsible for having each student/faculty sign a Children’s Hospital Acknowledgement of Risk (see Addendum A) form prior to starting rotations.
  5. Clinical faculty/students are required to wear a face mask upon entering into any Children’s National location.
    • Cloth face masks are not permitted in the hospital for clinical faculty/students
    • Face masks must be worn at all times while on CN premises, except for meals.
    • Masks must cover nose and mouth.
    • Masks must also be worn on the CN shuttles.
  6. Clinical faculty/students are required to wear a googles/face shield when providing clinical care at any Children's National location.