Clinical Screening and PPE Policy: Virginia Hospital Center (VHC)

COVID-19 Addendum

To promote a culture of safety, Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) has made a few process changes affecting students and faculty to address COVID-19. 


Entrance into the hospital has been restricted to ensure all staff and visitors are screened upon entry. All main entrances are open (main lobby and WIH lobby). All staff and visitors must be screened upon arrival at the hospital. For those not wearing a mask or a medical-grade mask, will be issued a mask at the entrance. This mask should be worn at all times at this facility with few exceptions. You are permitted to remove the mask when eating and when using the restroom. You are not permitted to wear cloth or decorative masks at VHC. 


To obtain your badge email a photo of yourself on a neutral background (white, yellow, light gray, etc.) and without any filters. Once you have met all of the requirements to be issued a badge, I will send you the Identification Enrolment form. Please complete and email it back to me. If this has not been done during the orientation meeting. 

We are discouraging students and faculty traveling to human resources for badges. Email all at one time, pictures of your students with their names for identification. These photos should also be on a neutral background (white, yellow, light gray etc.) and without any filters. I will also send you the Information Security Agreement which should be completed by each student

Pictures: Faculty and all students
Identification Enrollment form: Completed by Instructor (provided by me)
Information Security Agreement: Completed by each student (in Healthstream under forms)

All student and faculty should submit their pictures for their badges prior to the 1st day of clinical. This will delay the start. Badges should be worn at all times and no one should be on the unit without a hospital badge. To pick up your badge(s), we are discouraging trips to human resources. Please make arrangements in advance with me to pick up your badge. 

All badges should be returned to me at the end of clinical rotation including the instructor badge. If lost, it is a $50 charge for a replacement. All badges should be returned to me or the staff development office next to classroom #3 on the 1st floor at the end of the clinical regardless of the return date. 


Traditionally all students and faculty are required to park off-campus at the 950 N Glebe road. We are temporarily allowing onsite parking. We kindly ask students and faculty to park in the blue garage Zone “A” parking on level P3 and P4. Once the normal parking rules are restored, I will ask for all students and faculty to resume parking at our off-site garage, 950 N Glebe Road. 

Conference Space

Due to limited space that allows for appropriate social distancing, we are unable to accommodate pre and post-conference. This includes public areas (cafeteria, waiting rooms, and lobbies). Do not use the onsite public areas for conference. Those areas are reserved for visitors. Furniture should not be rearranged. All furniture has been purposefully arranged to maintain social distancing. I can assist in providing a space for orientation if needed. It is recommended this is done off-site or online. 

COVID-19/Isolation Patients

Students should not participate in any care of COVID-19 and isolation patients including observational experiences. Due to the risk of COVID in the hospital, masks should be worn at all times with the exception of eating and using the restroom. Social distance should be maintained at all times. Plan to bring eye protection that protects the sides of the eyes and fits over glasses due to the risk of aerosolizing in the air in the clinical environment. Students and faculty should wear eye protection at all times in-patient care which is our policy based on CDC guidance. VHC will not provide eyewear to students and instructors.