Global Initiatives

GW Nursing’s Global Initiatives strives to improve health equity throughout our communities and the world by creating strategic relationships with organizations that serve communities in need of our health expertise. Our students and faculty provide 200,000 hours of community service to the Washington, D.C. region and on international mission trips. 

We provide our students with opportunities to serve internationally, which teaches the scope of health issues people face. Our faculty teach and conduct research with an eye to health issues and priorities of each community they serve. GW Nursing experts are also available to consult on issues of clinical practice and health policy with educational organizations, NGOs and health care providers worldwide.

Consult an individual or faculty team with diverse expertise in health-related education, evidence-based practice and research to meet your specific needs in areas such as: 

  • Excellence in teaching, including simulation curricula and programs 
  • Leadership in academic and executive health care settings 
  • Nursing research in academia and practice 
  • Familiarity with accreditation processes and standards 

Our nursing students take advantage of local and international partnerships for an experience unique to GW: 

  • Cultural immersion experiences in Costa Rica and Uganda 
  • Community public health experiences, such as summer camps and community clinics supporting geriatric, LGBTQ and other populations, across D.C., Maryland and Virginia 
  • Courses specific to global health 

Call Washington, D.C., home while you develop your faculty or graduate student expertise in collaboration with GW Nursing faculty during a(n): 

  • Visiting Scholar opportunities for three months to a year, paired with a nursing expert in your specialty area 
  • Student or faculty exchanges for two to three weeks that immerse you into what GW and D.C. have to offer 

Enhance your skills in one- to two-week programs customized to your individual or group needs on topics such as: 

  • Research enrichment in an intensive mentorship designed to increase productivity and develop a research proposal 
  • Best practices in active and experiential learning including simulation pedagogies and how to write, conduct, debrief and evaluate scenarios 
  • Executive nurse leadership in academic or health care settings 

Want to get involved?

Inquire about our offerings or how to become a community or international partner at [email protected]


Service in Action

Groups of GW Nursing faculty and students travel each year to countries such as Haiti and Ecuador in order to provide care to underserved patients. Their service brings better health care to areas in need of help.
Our faculty and students work together each year to support Camp Dogwood. Students, under faculty supervision, tend to the children and teach campers about good health practices.

"One of my long-term goals is to work in Haiti as a health care professional. This trip was the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to be in Haiti in a professional capacity."

Rachel Sajous

Accelerated BSN Alumna
Cohort 6