Global Partners

Universidad de las Ciencias y el Arte, San Jose, Costa Rica

Universidad de las Ciencias y el Arte is an exciting new university partner in Costa Rica. This university is being led by long-time GW Nursing international partner, Jeffry Jones, and provides students a wide range of clinical activities and cultural immersions in Costa Rica. The first trip two trips to UCA was in the Fall of 2019 and we look forward to many more!

Universidad Hispanoamericana San Jose, Costa Rica

This is an exciting, new partnership between the George Washington University School of Nursing and the Universidad Hispanoamericana. Our partnership aims to provide a wide spectrum of opportunities and learning activities that mutually benefit students and faculty from both institutions of higher education. With collective knowledge, expertise and experience, aligned with shared vision and goals, we expect a rich and successful experience for our students, faculty and the populations served. 

University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia

A new partnership to GW Nursing in 2019, the University of Maribor is already a major highlight for GW Nursing students and faculty. Dean Jeffries consulted on the simulation program for UM, and GW Nursing sent students to UM in the Fall of 2019. In addition, Dean Jeffries and Dr. Jeanne Geiger-Brown is getting ready to hold a lecture virtually in UM School of Nursing's PhD courses in February and April 2021 respectively under the Short and Long Visit of Foreign Experts and Higher Education Teachers to Slovenian Higher Education Institution in years 2019-2022. 

Sae-A Trading Company Ltd. and Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital in South Korea (PNUYH)

In August 2014, the George Washington University School of Nursing (SON) and Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital (PNUYH) partnered with SAE-A Trading Company Ltd. to bring much-needed health care services and targeted health education programs to the people of Caracol and neighboring villages. By November 2016, the medical mission teams have provided services to more than 8000 patients and implemented twelve different education/training programs.

OmniMed, Mukono District, Uganda

Omni Med is a 501c3 NGO created in 1998 to empower local communities by facilitating clinical health volunteers to train and support community health workers. They have operated since 2008 in Uganda where their full-time staff of 4, they conduct home visits, travel to remote villages to conduct week-long training sessions, and maintain skills by conducting several quarterly meetings with previously trained VHTs each week.

Ajou University, South Korea

Ajou University is planning to send their students and faculty to GW Nursing in the near future. These international visitors will experience everything GW Nursing offers its current students: cutting edge simulation, top faculty instruction, global perspectives in social determinants of health, all set in our nation's capital.

Wonju College of Medicine, Yonsei University in Wonju, South Korea

In 2017, GWSON hosted a group of undergraduate students and faculty from Yonsei University and in 2019 a second group will visit. Faculty from Yonsei University also visited in 2016 and learn about our university, university hospital and the SON.

Project Medishare & International Medicine Programs (IMP)

Since 2011, the George Washington University School of Nursing (SON) and School of Medicine and Health Sciences International Medicine Programs have partnered to bring much-needed health care services and targeted health care education programs to adult and children living in Haiti’s Central Plateau Region. The School of Nursing aims to work collaboratively with SMHS, local health agencies, and Project Medishare, our Non-Government Organization partner (NGO) to provide a wide spectrum of health-related services and activities in this inter-professional medical mission. 

Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand

Thammasat University and GWSON faculty have been partnering since 2013 with faculty and student exchanges and consultation with their new PhD program. Several GW faculty have visited Thammasat University to consult and teach in their PhD program and students from this university have come to GW for visits.

Universidad de San Francisco de Quito, Cumbaya, Ecuador

GW has worked with the coordinator from Universidad de San Francisco de Quito, Dr. Amanda Grunauer, since 2013 to coordinate student cultural immersion trips for undergraduate and graduate students. Students experience the culture through visits to museums and cultural sites in Ecuador as well as through homestays with local families.