Health Assessment Refresher Course


Health Assessment Refresher from GW School of Nursing on Vimeo.

Facilitator: Sabrina Beroz, DNP, RN, CHSE-A


Nurses are the front-line of patient safety and those with strong health assessment skills are essential to elevating patient outcomes and improving patient care quality in their healthcare institutions.  The GW School of Nursing Health Assessment Refresher Course will review, refresh and enrich the health assessment skills of your cadre of nurses through a highly interactive hands-on experience.  Using GW School of Nursing's Proven Four-Step Model, standardized patients and top tier faculty, participants enhance their focused assessment techniques through theory-based learning with scenarios tailored to YOUR organization. If your organization is looking to increase skills and knowledge of practice or standardize assessment procedures, this course is an invaluable training opportunity.

Proven four-step process geared toward elevating patient assessment skills

1. Case Review
  • Identify physical examination findings associated with common case presentations.
2. Patient Assessment
  • Demonstrate competence and synthesize information in performing focused health assessment examinations.
  • Establish an open professional relationship with a patient that incorporates a holistic approach.
3. Documentation
  • Demonstrate professional, organized and accurate documentation.
4. Debrief
  • Engage in reflective analysis of patient assessment and the documentation experience.

Want to Learn More?

The course only takes one day. We can design a program to accommodate the needs of your entire staff of nurses. For information about availability, services and pricing, contact us at [email protected] .