Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement

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Nurses constitute up to 80 percent of the health care workforce, with 3.6 million working in the U.S. Numerous annual Gallup polls show they are the most respected of all health care providers. That gives nurses clout as advocates, and it makes the time ripe for nurses to move beyond the bedside to make and shape the future of health policy.

Through the Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement, a pillar of the school's mission, GW Nursing is emphasizing the importance of nursing's voice in health debates, while weaving policy into curricula and advocating for patients at every level. 

Led by executive director Dr. Mary Jean Schumann and co-directors Dr. Diana Mason and Barbara Glickstein, our strategic location in Washington, D.C., provides proximity to government agencies and policymakers, policy professionals, lobbyists and think tanks. Nurses have an important perspective on health policy, given their daily first-hand experience with the effects of regulations and laws on patient care.

Mission and Goals

Policy in Action

The efforts of GW Nursing's faculty, students and staff to influence policy are supported by our other efforts in research, education and service initiatives. Faculty and students work together to conduct research that informs public health policy decisions.

Ed Salsberg

Working on nursing and health care workforce issues for decades, Ed Salsberg is a research instructor at GW Nursing. He has spent many years studying health care workforce trends for the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA), New York State Department of Health and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).


Dr. Dana Hines

There are many health and social disparities across society and our very own Dr. Dana Hines actively works to close those gaps in policy, currently focusing on the transgender community and helping to prepare nurses for this population of individuals.


"Policy is involved in everything that we do. In this field, there are policy implications for the way you practice or the way you want to practice."

Dr. Mary Jean Schumann

Executive Director
Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement