Media Engagement for Nurses

The professional benefits of engaging with the media are many, but how can you be sure that you make a great impression, deliver a useful quote and come across as a polished speaker? At the George Washington University School of Nursing’s Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement, our media training is built around making nurses' voices heard through strategic messaging.

What you will learn

Gain the tools, skills and confidence necessary to lead and participate in health and health care conversations. We customize our training to fit your needs, whether you’re looking to engage with the media or to refine your messages to reach your audience. Television, radio, print, social media — no matter the platform, we have you covered.
Through our interactive program, you will be trained to:
  • Develop and pitch your messages
  • Respond to specific media requests
  • Practice on-camera work
  • Create a social media and blogging presence

Why it's essential

Research conducted as part of the Woodhull Study Revisited shows that 20 years after the original study that examined nurses' representation in media that they are still significantly underrepresented. Diversity is key to good journalism in a pluralistic society - whether through topics, journalists or sources. Nurses have a voice. You have a voice. We will teach you the skills necessary to make yours heard.


We know one size doesn’t fit all. Our flexible packages can be customized for groups or individuals, for a one-time need or a series of workshops. Come to us or we can come to you. We also offer virtual options. So what’s stopping you? Contact [email protected] for pricing.