Tony Roberson PhD, PMHNP-BC, RN, FAANP

Visiting Professor


  • Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (2017)
  • Society of Luther Christman Fellows (2016)
  • The University of North Carolina – Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science (2007)
  • The University of South Florida – Master of Science in Nursing, PMHNP (2002)
  • Saint Petersburg College – Associate of Science in Nursing (1999)
  • Troy State University – Master of Science in Counseling and Psychology (1991)
  • The University of Alabama – Bachelor of Arts in Piano (1985)


  • Roberson AJ (2007). The Experiences of Adolescents Consenting to Psychiatric Mental  Health Treatment. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Nursing, Chapel Hill, NC 2007 Aug.

Peer-reviewed Journals

  • Washington, CE & Roberson, AJ (2019). Adolescent Self-Management as a Protective Factor Related to Mother’s Mental Disorder. Accepted for publication. Western Journal of Nursing Research.  
  • Mays, L., Sanko, JS, Roberson, AJ, & Salani, D (2017). Do you hear what I hear? Utilizing simulation strategies to promote sensitivity and empathy in undergraduate nursing students. Published abstract. Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, 11 (6).   
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Book Chapters

  • Roberson, AJ (2012). Encyclopedia of Adolescence. Poverty and Adolescents. Authored the section on Poverty, Adolescence, and Mental Health. Springer: New York.
  • Invited Contributor: (2010). Psychiatric Nursing, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing Chapter. 6th Ed. Lawrence Scahill, Maryellen Pachler.