Transitioning Warrior Scholars Initiative

The William and Joanne Conway Transitioning Warrior Nursing Scholars Initiative is offered each semester to up to four new students in the incoming Veterans to BSN (VBSN) cohort. Selected recipients will receive funding totaling 50% of the cost of tuition to be used towards tuition or received as a stipend divided across the first four semesters of study. Your admissions essays will be reviewed for evidence of the type of leadership, perseverance, and character which is consistent with the Conway Initiative.


Are current students eligible to apply for this award?

No. This award was intended to increase the number of new veteran students who would be able to attend GW Nursing. Therefore, previously admitted and enrolled students are not eligible.

Do I have to complete a FAFSA to apply?

Having a completed FAFSA on file is not a requirement but is highly encouraged. Your FAFSA provides important information that would allow the selection committee to have a more complete understanding of your financial situation when they are evaluating your application.

Do I have to be enrolled full-time?

Yes, recipients are expected to be enrolled full-time throughout the award period.

Am I able to receive a scholarship if I also receive GI Bill benefits?

You can receive aid in addition to your GI Bill benefits. Students are encouraged to apply for various forms of student financial aid, including scholarships, to help off-set the cost of education, because federal and state veterans benefits sometimes do not cover the entire cost of a college education.

How many awards will be given each year?

The following chart details the number of Scholars selected each semester for the duration of the funding period.

Semester # of Awards
Fall 2020 5
Spring 2021 4
Summer 2021 4
Fall 2021 5
Spring 2022 5
Summer 2022 3
Fall 2022 5
Spring 2023 5
Summer 2023 3
Fall 2023 5
Spring 2024 4
Summer 2024 3
Fall 2024 4
Spring 2025 4
Summer 2025 3

The terms of the scholarship state that recipients will only receive funding for the first four semesters of study. If I don’t complete the program after four semesters, can my funding be extended?

No, the Transitioning Warrior Initiative only covers your first four semesters.

If I am called back into active duty, do I lose my scholarship?

The terms of the award does assume continuous enrollment but students are advised to contact the Scholarship Administration Team ([email protected]) for assistance should this occur.